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September 2006
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Fun at Baby Depot

September 28, 2006
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Donna and I went to Baby Depot last night to add to the registry.  It was fun to go with her and hear what she thought was useful or what she had heard was good.  I did have to buy one thing…baby coat hangers!  I know, not that exciting, but I wanted to hang up the few outfits I have.  I put them in the guest closet for now next to some of Chad’s clothes, and they look so tiny!  But, it’s cute to see baby’s and daddy’s clothes next to each other.

Nursery theme & registry

September 24, 2006
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So, we took a trip to Baby Depot at Burlington Coat Factory tonight, and decided on a nursery theme! We went with a more neurtal theme in case we have a baby boy later on, and then we’d be able to use it again. This also meant that we started our baby registry! The only thing on it so far is the nursery bedding and accessories, and it doesn’t have pictures, so I’ve attached one for you to see. Stay tuned though as we research things like carseats and strollers and add them! Baby Registry

Nursery theme
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Baby clothes

September 23, 2006
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I bought my first outfits for baby girl today. Based on a tip from Emily, I went to Kohls, where she was right, they were practically giving summer clothes away. I got her 4 outfits for $12…they are so tiny, and cute!!

Baby Sellers!

September 20, 2006
Filed under: Baby Sellers, Blog — chad @ 9:45 pm

Yes, we’re the first members to join BF2K7. Jen and I are expecting our first child March 20, 2007. And, It’s a girl! As you can imagine, we’re very excited. The only thing that could make this better is to have someone else join this wonderful group. Check out our first sonogram.


(click to enlarge)

New Site

Filed under: Blog — chad @ 9:29 pm

Yes, I moved the site over to a nice Wordpress site to make it easy to post things up here. That means anyone who joins and meets the entry criteria (see About), gets their own blog category and can start posting. So, hurry up and you can post as well.

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