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February 3, 2007
Filed under: Baby Dunbar, Blog — Kerry @ 3:29 am

Love watching movies on the laptop. Some of my hosts in Germany loaned me a few DVDs here. So after figuring out how to change the DVD region code from 2 to 1 on my laptop (and that it can be changed back, ensuring that I’m not forever doomed to watch only DVDs from Europe), I’ve watched ‘Payback’ with Mel Gibson (tagline ‘Nie Mehr Mr. Nice Guy’) and ‘Was Frauen Wollen’ or ‘What Women Want’ with Mel and Helen Hunt‘.

Payback was ok, sort of a revenge/action movie, but fairly predictable. It even had my least favorite move character, the hooker-with-a-heart-of-gold. The ‘I’ll help you even though you’ve deserted me in the past and of course I would’ve given up my seedy profession if I’d known you really loved me’ kind of character. Often in movies they end up dead, sacrificing themselves for the main hero, or living happily ever after with the main character in the suburbs.

‘What Women Want’ was pretty good. Mel Gibson develops the ability to read womens’ minds and learns a lot about himself, his teenage daughter, and what women really want. There are several funny scenes, particularly when he realizes what women actually think of him. It’s also a romance, so he and Helen Hunt get together in the end. Never mind that he reads her mind, steals her ideas, gets her fired, but then makes it all better by getting her rehired. The story is still funny and they end up happily ever after. Hmmm, maybe my pregnancy hormones are making me sappy.

Pregnancy Books

Filed under: Baby Dunbar, Blog — Kerry @ 3:27 am

So we have a few pregnancy books. I say we, because Travis has one called ‘The Expectant Father’, thanks to my sister-in-law and brother. It seems to be pretty useful as it has instructed him on the changes to expect – basically that everything I do is ok and he should help me a lot. Crying because I’m hungry? Normal. Falling asleep in the car? Normal. Vomiting in a restaurant parking lot? Normal (ok, it was just once, much earlier in the pregnancy, and my dinner was gross).

We also have Baby Bargains (another gift from my smart sister-in-law), which is a great resource for buying all that baby stuff (which we really haven’t done yet). Kind of a ‘how to’ book for selecting things like car seats, breast pumps, etc. We do have baby gates, which T installed around Christmas so cute niece Lili wouldn’t try to go up or down the stairs in our townhouse unassisted. My conclusion is that baby gates work well, but are a magnet for babies. She spent a lot of time tugging on them, pulling at the screws that hooked them into the wall, and wanting to climb the stairs. This might be due to the fact that the Furryous Two (Tex and Furry Lewis, our cats) realized that the gates protected them from the tiny, grabby human. Unfortunately, sometimes they forgot that they could jump over the gate, but this is another story.

We have a book of names, which we haven’t used yet.

I have ‘What to Expect When You’re Expecting’ (from smart sister-in-law) which is pretty good in that it addresses lots of issues and questions that pregnant women have. It addresses food, exercise, and a lot of the physical changes that occur (both obvious and not-so-obvious). Some of the info seems a bit out of date (no caffeine), and some of the diet recommendations are a little challenging. I’m a fan of trying swiss chard and kale, eating mangoes and cantaloupe, but eating a can of clams (15 oz) for protein is revolting. As is eating canned mackerel with the bones. I may have mentioned my shock at the items before, but it’s worth repeating. I still haven’t purchased the dried milk to mix with skim to make ‘supermilk’. I’d really just rather drink more milk and calcium-enriched OJ. To complete all their diet recommendations each day for fiber, protein, calcium, and other vitamins, I’d have to spend all day planning my meals and eating them. It would take a long time to eat ¾ of a cup of All-Bran, a can of clams, and a whole head of swiss chard. It’s a noble goal to eat more fruit and veg, so I think I’ll shoot for this more achievable item. My diet will have to change a bit when I get home from Germany as I’ve drunk 500 ml of whole milk and eaten a chocolate croissant for the last 2 days at breakfast. It tasted fantastic and made me very happy.

My last pregnancy book was a freebie from the OB clinic. Located at the hospital where I work, the clinic sees a variety of patients – mainly students/fellows/faculty/staff from the hospital and inner-city B’more patients. Hence the repeated questions during my first visit about substance abuse and the screen for every known STD (all negative). The book they gave also has good advice about diet, exercise, how TinyD will grow, and thinking about delivery options. Also has a section about ‘why not to abuse drugs, cigarettes, and alcohol while you’re pregnant’, ‘what to do about domestic violence’, and ‘what to do if you think you have an STD’. I admit that it’s all useful info, but maybe Travis and I will take pre-baby classes elsewhere if we end up taking them.

Also got a cute book as a Christmas present form my boss about baby’s first year, which I figure will be handy later.

As reading about all-things-baby is my new favorite hobby, any book recommendations are welcome.


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I have no idea what I weigh. I’m supposed to gain 25-35 pounds during pregnancy. In the 1st trimester, I gained exactly 0 pounds. This surprised the OB nurse, but the doc said it was fine and kind of chuckled. It is a bit puzzling, since my bras are much tighter and my belly is bigger so that pants and suits don’t fit. Travis also seemed puzzled (like any good engineer would be). How can I possible be a different, bigger, shape and have the same weight. Where is the change coming from? Has some part of me gotten skinnier?

I can no longer close my regular suit jacket without risking a blowout. So I have to leave it open ‘casual-style’ for meetings. Glad I have the preggers business suit as there’s lots of room to grow. I don’t own a scale, so I only get weighed at the doctor, or in bathrooms at other people’s houses. Guess I’ll find out Tuesday if I’ve gained any weight. As long as TinyD is growing, which (s)he appears to be, judging from my own belly palpation.

Alas, no skiing for me

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I guess it’s not a surprise, but skiing is listed as one of those sports that pregnant women aren’t supposed to participate in. Not just in the fairly conservative “What to Expect when you’re Expecting”, but also in the free book I got from the OB clinic. Something about the risk of injury blah blah. Oh well, I guess I’ll see the Alps some other time. Instead I’ll be hanging out here packing, being touristy, and shopping. Oh yes, and eating. Last full day here in Germany, then home to Travis (at least for a few days).

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