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Puerto Rico

March 18, 2007
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I had my last airplane trip this week and went to Puerto Rico for a GI conference. The conference was interesting, the weather was warm, and I went to the beach a few times.  I wore a pregnancy bathing suit, complete with belly-ruffle and it was really comfortable.  I got some complements on it (thanks again for the loaner, Mandi) from women who remember the bad old days of maternity b suits of the past and there’s a photo of me in it at the beach (which will not be posted on bf2k7). 

The food in PR was really good and I tried several local specialties.  Mofongo is a mash of cooked plantains (starchy, non-sweet bananas) with seafood on it and was delicious.  There was also lots of empanadas and fritters to snack on.  And good fish, which now I realize I can eat without giving Genghis mercury poisoning.  Instead, he gets a health dose of omega 3 fatty acids, which are good for him. 

While there, I had almost no access to email for 5 days, and I was only able to check it once.  This might be the longest I’ve gone without email access in years. I never realized how dependent I was on my internet access.  Strange feeling to be without. 

Tiny Genghis seemed to like playing in the ocean.  I may have to look into swimming somewhere closer to home. 

Happy Birthday Travis!

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OK, so it was actually March 12th (and no, I didn’t forget).  My cute husband is now 33, so catching up to me in age.  At least temporarily.  I bought him a new bathing suit, since he somehow lost his old one, only to discover that it doesn’t have the mesh underwear inside that most men’s bathing suits have.  Not sure why anyone would make an unlined bathing suit, or if it’s suddenly stylish to wear regular undies/boxers in the pool?  I also bought him a book of ‘Get Fuzzy’ comics, which is a pretty good strip (available in the Baltimore Sun is you want to check it out).  It also didn’t come with mesh underwear, but that’s probably ok. 

Thanks for the clothes, ladies!

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My pregnancy wardrobe has expanded a lot thanks to Carlie, Mandi, and Netra.  Each has sent me a nice collection of maternity-wear, which I’m putting to good use.  More and more of my ‘regular’ clothes are getting banished from the closet as Genghis gets bigger.  I now have more work clothes as well as a decent-looking pregnancy bathing suit, which I actually had the guts to wear in Puerto Rico.

My favorite staples of pregnancy clothing:

1. The pregnancy tank top.  Nice for wearing around the house, but also very useful under other shirts.  This keeps too much cleavage from showing at work (no patient needs that view).  They’re also useful for extending the length on shirts that are a bit too short and also cover up the less-than-attractive expandable elastic waistband on pregnancy pants. 

2.  Yoga pants/track pants/etc.  So comfy for the weekend.  I suspect these will be even more popular as I grow. 

3.  A cute dress.  Or maybe 2.  Nice for church, the occasional nice dinner, etc.  The empire waist is particularly important, so that there’s a break above the belly.  If I’m gonna feel pregnant, I might as well look the part.

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