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Memorial Day

May 28, 2007
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I’m not sure if it’s the pregnancy hormones or what, but I started crying reading the Sunday comics yesterday (no, not because Family Circus is painful to read or Zippy the Pinhead makes no sense).  There were a few Memorial Day-themed comic strips, Doonesbury and Opus, which got me really choked up.  It’s not like I don’t get exposed to news of deaths in the Iraq war on a daily basis (NPR), but seeing visual estimates of the magnitude of deaths of young soldiers (both comics showed this) really struck me. Maybe it’s because I’m pregnant?  Maybe it’s because I think of little Genghis getting sent off to war?  Or maybe it’s because I think the soldiers should get to come home?  I’m not sure why, but hopefully all the troops know that there are people thinking about them who want them to come home safely. 


Pediatrics Orientation

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We now have a pediatrician! Or a set of them actually.  We picked one of the group practices in the area. Many of my friends from work take their kids there, so this seems like a good sign.  They had a 1 ½ hr orientation (including powerpoint slides) Friday night to introduce the practice members, how the office works, how to take care of a newborn, when to call, etc. We also got party favors from the orientation - ok, not exactly ‘party favors’, but a nice packet of info about the practice and a mini-diaper bag with free samples in it. Very useful info and it’s one of the last big things on the list that needs to be completed for Genghis’s arrival.

New favorite place to stop on the way home from work

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With my new-found love of crushed ice, I’ve been a frequent visitor to our local snowcone stand.  It’s on my way home from work and they make a great peach snowball (think snowcone in a cup with a spoon).  Pre-preggers, I would eat the ‘kiddie’ size, but now I’ve graduated to the 16 oz version of the snowball and could usually eat more. Yum. 


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