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D-day + 2 and Unusual Pregnancy Occurrences

June 29, 2007
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40 weeksI feel like…Genghis is still enjoying his comfy, if restricted, home.  I still have the occasional ‘real’ contraction (at least what I think is real, they’re kinda crampy).  But they don’t occur often enough to generate any true southern movement. I kinda feel like this ‘action figure’ - all middle, with little limbs that don’t do what they’re supposed to (hands that drop things, legs that waddle), and always hungry. See the resemblence?

2 unusual changes since I’ve been pregnant:

1. I no longer despise potato salad. I have always hated potato salad, mainly because it includes mayonnaise.  This was a problem, since poor-quality sandwiches and potato salad are a staple of free hospital lunches. Since the bun in the oven has made me hungry, I now eat potato salad and kinda like it.

2. I’m no longer deathly afraid of spiders.  They no longer make me cry when I see them and I can actually squash them without having to get assistance (i.e. Travis, king of the spider-killers).  I also no longer have night-terrors (think yelling bad dreams) related to spiders.  I don’t know if this is preparation for having a little boy, who will no doubt, be really into bugs and spiders, or if it’s a pregnancy hormone thing.  Please do not take this as an open invitation to send me spider photos, emails, or spider-themed gifts.  I’m a little worried that my fear will return as soon as I deliver Genghis! 

Total change-up!

June 28, 2007
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Geoff suggested peach.  Christy wondered about pear.  I contemplated lemon.  We were all in the wrong category.  As of 13 weeks, Baboo is……..a jumbo shrimp!!  And you KNOW whom that makes me think of…??!


My fave Pepe commerical for Long John Silver’s a few years ago was when he said , “Eeeez public relations, non?”  I actually just found a site with the commericals on it so GET EXCITED! 


For more humor, below is the link to Pepe’s screen test. 


A Lab Visit Retrospective

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At the end of May, I went to the doctor’s office for my first appointment.  It was an extensive individual consultation with the OB nurse and ended with me getting sent to the lab to get “some” blood drawn.   Well, “some” turned out to mean “10 vials” and “10 vials” quickly turned into “one very out-of-it patient.”

Since the only other time I remember having blood drawn resulted in the use of smelling salts, I was able to give the technicians fair warning.  Thankfully, they wheeled out the big recliner chair for me.  The woman did a great job of trying to distract me while sucking up all my lifejuice into her vials but ’round about the 5th one, I started feeling very woozy.  She hurried up to finish and got her colleague to come look at me.  Apparently they decided I was WAY too pale and went to get the nurse from my previous appointment to check on me.  She stayed with me for about 10 minutes until, as she said, “my freckles came back.”

Now, it wasn’t all bad.  I did finally learn my blood type after all these years.  Also discovered I appear to be pretty healthy.  The weird thing, though, was that the test for immunity to Rubella came back as “non-immune”.  I immediately ran to our file cabinet where I pulled out my C-PP School District Immunization Record and it showed two MMR immunizations: one when I was an infant and one 10 years later.  Lifetime immunity, yeah right!!  When I went in to meet with the doctor the next week, he told me that immunity wearing off has become quite common.  Some women are immune in their first pregnancies but are no longer immune by #3.  Of course, you can’t get the vaccine once you’re already preggers, so you just have to hope you don’t contract Rubella since there’s a high probability of birth defects if contracted in the first trimester.   So if there’s anyone out there considering having kids at some point in the future– I recommend getting tested for immunity BEFORE you have a Baboo.  (Not that you’ll have Baboo, of course.  (S)he’s a Kenton!!)


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For anyone with extra disposable income and a screw loose, here’s how you can spend $38,000 on childrens toys.   My preggers med school friend discovered this site and it’s amazing what they sell.  Be sure to look at the prices…

Notable items:

Sophie’s Magical Windmill Playhouse:

Whimsical Shoe Armoire:

Grand Victorian Playhouse:

Tumble Outpost:

Fantasy Carriage Crib:

Carrot Collection Canopy Bed and Linens:

Butterfly Armoire:

Sophie Life-Size Giraffe:

Child’s Mercedes 2-Seater:

Fantasy Coach:

Fort Bethesda:

I wonder who shops here?  Clearly it is time for me to have this baby.  Way too much time on the internet.  And I’m tired of working. 

Furry Lewis takes a shower

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Furry Lewis doing what she does bestFurry Lewis is one of our cats.  2 days ago, we had a huge rainstorm, and she elected to stay outside in the downpour, rather than come inside, like a normal cat.  Never mind that she hates water and being wet.  The sight of Travis holding an open umbrella outside was enough to spook her into running off.  After the storm was over, a very pathetic looking FL showed up at the back door to be let in.  At least I think it was her. Not only was she wet, but also very muddy, so clearly her hiding place of choice was a poor one.  Her day got even worse when we realized that there was no way to just wipe off the mud. So FL got to take a shower with Travis and get a good scrubbing with cat shampoo.  She managed to get in a few good kicks, ninja-style (flipping her back foot over her shoulder to slash him in the chest), but otherwise, both FL and Travis were relatively unscathed by the experience. She also goes into cat quarantine until she’s somewhat dry after a bath/shower, otherwise she makes a beeline for her litter box (think donut with the worst sprinkles ever).  In the end, she looks cleaner now than she has in months

Movie Reviews

June 27, 2007
Filed under: Baby Dunbar, Blog — Kerry @ 4:14 pm

So we’ve been told my numerous friends with kids to go to the movies, because we won’t EVER GET TO GO AGAIN.  OK, that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but it’ll be awhile before we see anything not made by Disney or Pixar.

Here are the reviews:

Pirates of the
Caribbean 3 – Lots of good swashbuckling action and better than the 2nd installment.  Great for summer watching.

Spiderman 3 – More torment for Peter Parker and Spiderman. The Sandman was really cool to watch (amazing what $100 million of special effects can do) and the other villains are fine.

Fantastic 4 -  Also a good summer movie.  The Silver Surfer is very, very cool.  Jessica Alba is weirdly tan and has strange and brassy blonde hair.  But otherwise, it was nifty.

Addendum: I forgot about Ocean’s 13!  Entertaining and better than Ocean’s 12.  Nice twists.

I’d like to see Transformers and Harry Potter, but hopefully I’ll just have a baby soon instead….


Borat – Funny, but not as good as I was expecting.  My favorite scene was in the ‘deleted scenes’ list, where Borat is at the grocery store looking at cheese.

Pan’s Labyrinth – Quite possibly the worst movie I’ve seen in a year.  Violent and gory, and many of the main characters die.  More about fascist
Spain (hello, uplifting) than fantasy. 

The Prestige -  Good movie about dueling magicians. It’s Batman vs. Wolverine, I mean Christian Bale vs. Hugh Jackman.  Lots of good twists and turns and kept me guessing. 

Off to eat more spicy food and take a walk…..

Anybody in there?!

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The lack of movement Thor has is driving me nuts!  Actually, it’s more lack of feeling.  If I look at him on a sonogram, he is flipping like crazy, but I feel none of it!  My placenta is sitting up front, so he’s just kicking a pillow instead of me for now.  A co-worker of mine had the same issue and she didn’t start feeling anything until 30 weeks!  This is bumming me out because the movement was something I was really looking foreward to.  I also wanted to see feet moving across my belly, but that probably won’t happen.  Oh well…

So I had to but a maternity bathing suit the other day.  One of my friends invited me to her pool, and I had nothing to wear.  I’ve been told to just wear a bikini because the pregnant belly forgives all, but I didn’t think that looked too good.  However, the frilly moo-moo looking top of a maternity suit isn’t that attractive either.  It’s going to be a pretty comical afternoon! 

Wednesday musings: BORING

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Not much to report right now.  Nothing to feel, nothing much to see.  It’s not that I’m hoping to start getting fat but I guess “showing” would make this all seem a little more real.   I am finding myself wanting to eat fried egg sandwiches a whole lot more often than I used to, however.  And burgers and fries constantly sound tasty.  But I’m not sure any of that is good news.

I’ve been burning through my Netflix stash lately.  I’ve now completed 3 seasons of Curb Your Enthusiasm.  Man, that show makes me uncomfortable!!  I can’t stop watching it, though.  Last night and early this morning, I watched the first 6 episodes of Weeds, which I found to be really entertaining.  We’ve also received on loan the first two seasons of The Office, but Seth wants to watch those and we aren’t often on the same TV-watching schedule so I have to wait.  His grad school classes started this week so he’s got reading and writing to do when he gets home in the evenings but maybe we’ll have time over the weekend.  I did watch Because I Said So the other night and it was okay.  Thank goodness for Netflix.

40 week update = No baby yet

June 26, 2007
Filed under: Baby Dunbar, Blog — Kerry @ 10:19 am

Had my 40 week
OB appointment today and Travis came with me.  The short version is no baby yet.  Longer version: 50% effaced and 1-2 cm dilated. This seems to be less than last week, but we’ll just call it interobserver measurement variability.  I got my ‘membranes stripped’ today, which is not nearly as gruesome as it sounds.  Basically they scoot some of the amniotic sac away from the wall of the uterus. This increases prostaglandin release, which helps increase contractions. We’ll see. The bumpy roads, jalapenos, etc don’t seem to be helping things along, so it was definitely worth a try.  If no baby by July 5th, then I get induced. 

Baboo’s First Mail!!

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The maternal grandparents (names still yet to be determined) sent Baboo a package yesterday!!   Baboo was very excited!  He/she can’t wait to read Goodnight Moon.   We’re hoping reading skills will be attained by approximately 6 months.  :-)

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