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Minor League Baseball

June 2, 2007
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Minor league baseball has its benefits.  Less expensive tickets, easier parking, and way more fireworks after the game than major league baseball. The Bowie Baysox also have great theme nights. 

Here’s a selection from their summer schedule:

1. Queen Anne County Reading Night

2. Bark in the Park – Bring your dog to the game for a canine fashion show

3. Office Space Night – Case of the Mondays? Get out your flair & wear it to the game. Help smash technology for charity!

4.  Most improved student night

5.  Yo Yo world record attempt night

6.  Bob Barker Tribute Night – Come on Down! We pay homage to The Price is Right’s Legendary Host.

7.  Beach Night

8.  Bowie’s Got Talent Night

9.  Meet Larry the Cucumber and Bob the Tomato from Veggie Tales Night

10.  Dancing with the (local) Stars Night

11.  Nerd Night – Calling all nerds and former nerd, let your inner geek come to the game

12. Tribute to toilet paper – join us to honor one of the most used necessities of every day life

I’m not making any of these up.  Really. 

Oof - Sound Effects

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I’ve gotten noisier. It’s like I’ve become my own
Hollywood sound effects specialist.  I can’t manage to roll over in bed or sit up without some sort of ‘oof’ escaping.  Travis finds it fairly amusing when I roll over in bed, pick something up off the floor, or otherwise have a big position change, because he then gets to hear the oof or a grunt,  sigh, or some other noise (and no, I don’t mean farting).  I’ve been impressed with the supreme effort it takes to go from my left to right side in bed, particularly as I have to readjust the pillow empire that keeps me on my side (and not flat on my back).  I figure this must be one of those things that will go away after Genghis arrives. 


Weight Gain

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3 pounds in a week?  How can this be? This is how much I’ve gained in a week, which puts the total at 22 pounds.  So it looks like I will hit the recommended amount of total weight gain for pregnancy. I’ve been surprised by how much of the weight (seemingly mostly belly) has been added in the 3rd trimester. As far as Genghis,  my
OB estimates that he weighs at least 5 ¼ pounds now.  She could tell by palpating (feeling/mashing) various parts of my belly and guessing (since she’s felt a lot of pregnant bellies, I figure she’s pretty accurate).  5 ¼ pounds….That seems like a decent size. Maybe a little bit bigger and a little more time for lung development, and he’s ready to roll.  He certainly kicks like he’s a good size baby, and seems to wiggle even more than before.  He got in a nice bilateral kick to the heart and lungs a few nights ago – very impressive. 


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I think we’ve turned into yuppies.  We were at a barbecue last weekend and had a lively discussion about quarterly taxes, the benefits office at work, and household budgets.  Actually, this is the second recent discussion we’ve had with other couples about household budgets. Not surprisingly, there’s also a lot of talk about babies, which is good, otherwise we might end up having a debate about the merits of Quicken vs. Microsoft Money.  That could be ugly.


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I’ve started making plans for not being at work.  From simple things, like making sure I’m not scheduled for clinic in July and August.   I’m telling every patient I see in clinic who will be covering for me, and how to reach me (still call the same number, they’ll find you the right covering doc).  More complex is how to keep my research going while I’m off.  Particularly since it’s summer, which means people are away, and getting patients scheduled for procedures and having someone there to collect the right info is a little challenging. I think I’ve figured it out. Mostly….  So far it’s involved a detailed checklist for each potential participant and tyring to assign specific tasks (mentor does x so patients don’t fall through the cracks, research nurse does x so mentor does not lose data forms).  I’m very much used to ‘doing it all myself’ so it’s a bit weird to know that things will be running (or not running) without me.  I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed that all goes well as I don’t want to have to put out fires from home while trying to breastfeed every 2 hours. 


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