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June 2007
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8 Days

June 19, 2007
Filed under: Baby Dunbar, Blog — Kerry @ 5:16 pm

38.5 weeks   8 days until my due date and I’m fidgety with a capital F.  Despite feeling like I have a million things to accomplish for work (seeming less and less likely to be completed), I’m ready to meet our little fella.  I keep wandering in the nursery to look around, move things, look at baby clothes, and think of more things to buy.  Most recent purchase - those tiny mitts that keep babies from slashing their own eyes with their tiny fingernails.  At the OB yesterday, I was 75% effaced and 2 cm dilated.  Not sure what this actually means, especially knowing that Jen was dilated for seemingly weeks without any delivery action.  Genghis is getting bigger (2 more pounds of weight gain this week) and he kicks pretty strongly.  I can also feel his leg (?) near my liver, and the leg is definitely beefier than a few weeks ago.  The picture above is from last Sunday, so 38.5 weeks along. Definitely different than the last picture of me in the same dress from the fall. Travis’s niece Shelby, recently had a little boy, and one of my friends from work had a baby yesterday.  I’m ready to join the club!

Nocturnal Violence

Filed under: Baby Kenton, Blog — emkenton @ 9:44 am

So I know (and Kerry wrote about this earlier) that pregnancy can bring on some vivid dreams.  I guess I understood that these dreams would be involving Baboo or related to parenthood or something.  The last 2 nights, though, I’ve almost died twice.  The first night it was a shooting in an airport (but the bullets were really slow and you could kinda try to dodge them) and last night, someone broke into our house (not the one we currently live in because that would make too much sense) and then came after me with a match after he doused me with gasoline.   Can anyone out there tell me what these mean?

Admittedly, I also dreamed that Camp Longhorn got moved to Ithaca and we had camp with snow outside.    So maybe these are still just normal (crazy) Emily dreams and the preggers ones haven’t started yet.

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