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Baby Names part 2 - the friendly tomboy and the good-looking cowboy

June 22, 2007
Filed under: Baby Dunbar, Blog — Kerry @ 6:06 pm

Thanks to Emily for the Baby Name website tipoff!  I’ve been checking out several. Sadly, they had no entry for Genghis.  Guess it’s not that common, yet.

According to the webiste:  ‘Kerry is a unisex name that seems appropriate for a freckle-faced tomboy who is friendly and outgoing. Some, though, think of Kerry as rich and spoiled.’  The last bit has something to do with John Kerry, or else everyone in County Kerry in Ireland is rich and spoiled (this seems less likely).  ’Kerry’ also means ‘dark, dark-haired’.  It’s also a man’s name too, which I’ve discovered as I still occasionally get mail asking me to register for the selective service. 

Travis is apparently an ‘Old French’ name (I would’ve guessed Southern) meaning ‘at the crossroads’. Travis is described as ‘a good-looking cowboy or drifter who cannot be trusted’. Hmmm… My vote is for the good-looking cowboy, but I’m biased.

Interestingly, every name I enter into the name finder give a good description plus an undesirable one. Oh well, so far I haven’t encountered anything that would make us change our mind on TinyD’s real name-to-be. 

How many years will Baboo spend in the orthodontist’s chair?

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Baboo may only be the size of a lime, but one of Seth’s worries during this whole time has been whether he/she will be afflicted with my teeth.  I know you’re thinking to yourself–”But Emily, your teeth don’t look that funny (with the exception of that crazy tooth on the top left)”, but that is because you didn’t know me in my early years!! Actually, though, some members of this readership DID know me in those years  (Hi Mumsie and Daddyrags! Hi Fran!) and may be able to remember the insanity that was my mouth.  

So apparently there are 4 categories of problems with teeth, and normal people generally have just 1.  I had 3.  No two teeth met in any one place.  I got my first braces on in 2nd grade and got round #3 off in 12th grade.   I sported every appliance in between, although, unlike Ugly Betty or my brother, I never had to wear headgear.

I won’t scan in an actual picture of 1980s era Emily teeth.  Instead, I will include a picture that Seth went searching for in his Bio book to show me how he interprets my oral cavity.lamprey.jpg

  Poor, poor Baboo.

 PS–Annie Kate, that’s a good question.  If Baboo gets Seth’s teeth, will he/she have a half tooth, too? :-)

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