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5 days and counting

July 2, 2007
Filed under: Baby Dunbar, Blog — Kerry @ 3:38 pm

Still no baby.  Being ‘post-due’ is a ltitle harder than I thought it would be. I still feel pretty much ok, maybe more tired than last week and a little more achy, but not bad.  It’s more just the expectation of meeting the baby and him not being here yet.  Oh well.

Mom and I had a nice shopping trip to Target last week to get cute things for Genghis, like crib sheets with animals on them.  Hopefully he won’t be afraid of animals since his room is decorated with them….  I’d hate to have to redecorate with a ‘botany’ them (here’s Genghis’s favorite photo of lichen!  And his stuffed pine tree toy).   Or we could start early with the science geek decorations and get him a child’s periodic table of the elements and a plush model of the cell nucleus.  Hmmm….

We went to the Columbia city fair yesterday.  I considered going on the amusement park rides to stimulate labor, but decided they would probably just make me dizzy and pukey, with no effect on giving birth.  Instead I opted for a funnel cake, a cupcake (free!
Columbia is 40!) and some really good lemonade.  There was good live music and lots of arts and crafts booths.

I’m down to 4 shirts that I can wear at the hospital without looking like a trashy pregnant pop star (ie belly hanging out).  At home, I’ve outgrown most of those clothes, with 2 skirts, a few ginormous tshirts, 1 church dress, and 2 dresses (which I refer to as my pregnancy mumus) that fit.  Let’s go little fella, before I outgrow my shoes and have to run around in a mumu barefoot and pregnant. 

The Place Where Dreams Come True (not Baboo-related but OH WELL)

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Quite the adventure was had on Saturday morning.  Thor’s mother, Cpine, and I all took off for the place where dreams come true:  WEGMANS.   Although I did hear gripes along the way that I made them get to my house at 7:45 AM, I think we all were happy with the resulting less crowded store!  :-)   

For those of you who don’t know, Wegs is the be all and end all of grocery stores.  Or as Gen put it after our trip, “it’s MORE than a grocery store!”  When we got there, we split up and it should say enough about the size of the place that I didn’t run into either of my companions for a good 30 minutes.  And when I did, Christy had only gone 2 aisles!! 

Since 2 of us finished our shopping a bit before the 3rd, we checked out and loaded up the car.  (It was very cute– we’d each brought a cooler so they were all lined up in the “way back.”)  We then went back in and noticed that our dear friend had walked away momentarily from her fully-stocked cart.  I suggested we take it and hide it in another part of the store and watch Christy try to find it.  She didn’t wait long before accusing the employees of stealing her cart!!  Highly entertaining theatre.

We had a fabulous time and managed to stay in the store long enough to eat lunch after they put the food out in the Market Cafe at 11 AM.   So we ate our gourmet pizza sitting on a couch and comfy chairs in the dining area high on the second floor where we could have thrown things at the shoppers below in the produce department if we’d wanted to.

Now, what makes the trip even better is that the Wegs in Hunt Valley (approx. 35 minutes from my house, north of 695 on I-83) is part of a lovely shopping area called the Hunt Valley Towne Center.  So after our 3+ hour grocery store trip, we were able to wander into a few other shops as well.    All around, a delightful day!!

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