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State of the Navel

July 21, 2007
Filed under: Baby Dunbar, Blog — Kerry @ 6:16 pm

So Owen’s umbilical stump fell off yesterday.  I was expecting healed skin and a cute belly button underneath, but apparently not yet, as it’s still a bit scabby.  I looked online to make sure it didn’t match the photos of umbilical granulomas or umbilical sepsis and we seem to be ok.

In other navel news, mine has turned from an ‘outie’ to an ‘innie’ again.  I was wondering how long it was going to take post-pregnancy before it returned to something that didn’t look like a mini-donut taped to my belly.  The answer is about 2 weeks.  It was weird still looking ‘pregnant’ after delivery, but things are slowly returning to my normal shape.  I can get into early preggers clothes and some normal clothes, but it’s gonna be awhile before things are back to normal. 

No longer Off the Grid

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So littleO got his first piece of correspondence from the
US government.  He now has a social security card, which they ‘request that he not sign at this time’.  Ummm, ok, I’ll try to keep him from signing his card with spitup. So he’s officially registered as existing with the government.  No more living off the grid for you, buddy.  Now comes health insurance and immunization records….

What to take to the hospital

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We went to a great ‘Prepared Childbirth’ class before BabyO arrived.  There was all kinds of useful info about labor and delivery.  The book they gave us had clear recommendations for what should be in the ‘Go Bag’ for L&D.  Going home clothes for me and baby, slippers, underwear, back massager, lotion, robe, button front pajamas, mini-fan that sprays water, chapstick, washcloths, other back-rubbing things like tennisballs (feels really good, I promise), and about 10 other items.  So we rolled into the hospital with a decent size bag of stuff.  What did we use?  Only the chapstick and mini-fan.  The mini-fan was really useful during the 1 ½ hours I was pushing not-so-tinyO out as I got extremely hot. The chapstick was useful because I wasn’t allowed to eat or drink for a good chunk of my laboring time.  The other 10 pounds of stuff stayed in the bag at the hospital and for about a week after we got home. 

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