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The numbers

July 26, 2007
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week 1 diapersOwen has blown through almost 200 diapers since arriving home. Gotta love the Pampers Swaddlers size N.  Here’s a photo of Travis taking out the first 7 days of diapers collected in the DiaperChamp. Impressive.

We were at the pediatrician yesterday for Owen’s goopy eye and found out he weighs 8 pounds, 12 ounces.  He came home on July 7 and weighed about 7 pounds 1 oz, so he’s gained 27  ounces in 19 days.  Clearly, after a bit of a rocky start, he’s eating well. 

Now if we can just get the sleeping thing down….

Other numbers - 2 weeks of paternity leave is a good amount of time to be home. I say, if you can get more, take it!  Newborns are cute, but demanding, and sometimes it seems that 2 parents isn’t actually enough for one 8 pounder who doesn’t want to sit still for a sponge bath or keeps trying to stick his feet in his superfund-site diaper.  With Travis home, we got to take littleO on his 1st stroller walk together, his first babycarrier walk together, and spend some time with each other, which wouldn’t have been possible without Travis home. 

17-week update, etc

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Just got back from my doctor’s appointment.  All went well, and I managed to have a delightful bonding session with the OB which of course made me very happy! :-)  As I predicted previously, last appointment’s loss of weight was just a flash in the pan.  I had gained about 3 pounds since the last visit 4.5 weeks ago which I figure isn’t too bad.  The books say it’s normal to gain a pound a week in the second trimester–which puts me slightly under target…depending on when one counts the second trimester as starting–but he said the pound/week thing really starts at 20 weeks.  Oh well.   I’m thinking in any case, I need a celebratory milkshake.  And maybe a sweet potato tempura sushi roll to go along with it.  YUM.

In other related news, apparently my due date is actually January 4th.  (Like Baboo is going to show up when (s)he’s supposed to, anyway.)  The precedent has definitely been set by our friends here for Baboo to be many dates late, but maybe our family trait of being early to everything will carry over to the womb.  We’ll see.

Let me think– what else is new?   Obviously not much since I haven’t been posting very often.  Hmmm….   I made a tasty dish the other night courtesy of my Aunt Margaret.  She gave me a wonderful recipe journal when we got married and had filled in some of her recipes as a start.  The book is now bursting with all kinds of index cards and recipes torn from the paper and magazines and the original ones often get buried.   I was going through it the other day planning some meal stuff and “Hungarian Noodle Sidedish” just called my name.  I threw in some ground beef and made it a meal.  Again, YUM.   Unfortunately, it didn’t get put into the fridge until 4:45 the next morning when I found it whilst (such a fun word to use!) pouring myself a snack of Lucky Charms.  Seth had no qualms eating the leftovers after such a long period of non-refrigeration, but I figured now was not the time for me to be taking chances.  Of course, I found myself leaning up against a hot stove yesterday whilst (!!!) stirring a sauce for homemade mac and cheese (with basil and tomatoes..YUM!)  and suddenly realized I might be cooking Baboo.   Thankfully, Baboo’s heartbeat was nice and strong this morning so I guess (s)he survived the heat.

 Okay, enough babbling for now…

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