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Random Friday Thoughts

July 27, 2007
Filed under: Baby Kenton, Blog — emkenton @ 8:12 am

–The size comparison for this week is an Onion.  I think I prefer Avocado because at least it’s kinda shaped like a Baboo.  I can’t really see a baby as a spherical object.  Oh well.

–We recently traded in a bunch of credit card points for Best Buy gift cards that Seth used to purchase a small flat-screen TV for the office/guest room.  I guess because it’s HD, he found several new channels that our $12 cable package picks up on that TV that we haven’t ever gotten before.  One of these is SoapNet which happens to show 90210 reruns.   I watched the first 20 seconds of one the other day and was beginning to think it was a different show from the opening scenery when all of a sudden, I put the bus and the “Welcome to New Mexico” road sign together and bam!  I knew it was going to be Steve looking for his birth mother.  All this to say– I know my 90210.  So yesterday, I watched an entire episode and I just have to say:  it’s really bad!!!  The episodes they’re showing currently are from the spring of 1992.  Crazy to think how young we all were and how BAD we were dressing.  The 80s get a bad fashion rap but there were some pretty lean years in the early 90s, as well.   On the flip side– I can also tell you specific episodes where one of the female characters was wearing something from the Gap that I owned, too.  It was always so exciting to see that! :-)

–Why not make this a food blog?  In my continuing quest finally to make old recipes, I made a chicken dish last night from a recipe that Sheils gave me years ago.  Since you first coat the chicken in a flour and cardamom mixture, she also gave me a little jar of cardamom that’s been on my shelf for that long, too.  (Yes, I know you’re not supposed to keep spices very long…)  Anyway, it was funny to open the jar and be overtaken with the thoughts of all the Indian desserts that are cooked in cardamom syrup.  Back when she gave me the spice, we were not the regular eaters of Indian fare that we are now!   The chicken was really tasty cooked up after being coated and then covered with a mango sauce.  According to my handwritten notes, the recipe was originally from Cooking Light, which you know is my favorite magazine ever so no wonder it was good!


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