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August 3, 2007
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Now that I’m home pretty much all the time, I’ve spent more time walking around the neighborhood. It started before I delivered, as Travis and I would take a walk every evening, trying to encourage Owen to hurry up and arrive.  Now it’s O and I, me pushing the stroller, mainly to get out of the house, but with some thought that some exercise wouldn’t hurt.  He likes to ride and occasionally looks at the sky, the trees, or me, but mainly he sleeps. The coolest thing I’ve seen in the neighborhood is two hawks.  They fly around in the ‘bird sanctuary’, ie floodplain (which is very dry).  I’ve also seen some baby birds, bats, lots of squirrels, some sort of groundhog thing that
Tex was stalking, fireflies, and a few cute puppies.  Oh, and people who live in the neighborhood.  Aside from charismatic megafauna, I’ve also seen some nice flowers, some of them wild, with little purple flowers and some that I’m pretty sure are morning glories, and some very nice landscaping in people’s yards.  Makes me think our yard needs a bit of work, or at least some water, as everything is wilty.  The plants are 4th class citizens of our home and yard now. 

The feeding priority schedule is:     1. Owen     2. Mommy and Daddy     3.Tex and Furry Lewis      10. Plants

Maybe it can be Owen’s job to water the plants when he’s older. And mow the yard.  I went through a phase growing up (middle school and high school), where I was convinced that the reason my parents had 2 kids was so that there would always be one available to mow the yard.  This might have been cool if we had a riding lawnmower at the time, since the yard was a half-acre, or even a self-propelled mower, but no, why would you want one of those?  I’m pretty sure mowing helped me build character and at least I know how to use a mower.

Wow, this is a rambly one…. Clearly my constant stream of chatter to Owen is jumping to the page now. 

Just the facts, ma’am

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–Baboo’s size at 18 weeks:  Large Sweet Potato

–Emily’s current outlook on life:  Exhausted and looking forward to a weekend at home after escaping NYC later this afternoon

The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee (Broadway show we saw last night):  Absolutely hilarious and very appropriate for a group of people in the education field

–Starbucks Iced Skim Chai with “half the pumps”:  Totally worth the caffeine

–Left calf muscle:  Annoyingly starting to cramp during the night

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