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August 8, 2007
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Oh my.  So cute, and yet so angry.  Owen clearly woke up on the wrong side of the bed today.  His day started at 2 am and he ate at 2, 3, and 4 with fussing in between. Then he took a quick nap and then ate again  at 6:00.  Since then he’s been Mr. Furious, unless he’s eating, milk-drunk, or grabbing a brief nap.  Otherwise, I can’t put him down, and he only wants to be held certain ways.  We also have to be moving or he howls.  Hopefully his daily mega-nap is improving his spirits.  I’m ready for my sweet, smiling (occasionally) baby to return.  Hmm,  I can hear young Crankenstein stirring now…


On the Road Again!

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Greetings from Canyon, Texas!  I left BWI last evening and flew into Dallas and then took a connecting flight this morning to Amarillo.  With all my Texas roots, I’ve never been here before so I was excited to see a new part of the state!  I’m doing some work here today and tomorrow and then will fly back to Dallas tomorrow night and stay through next Thursday morning.

This trip is all about family, friends, and FOOD so I must keep you all apprised of my encounters with each!  :-)   It’s already off to a great start–  my parents picked me up at DFW last night and we ended up at Jason’s Deli for a snack.  I really, really want Jason’s to head our direction.  It would be such a wonderful option for post-church meals as well as any other kind of group meals!   For the first time ever, I didn’t appropriate chocolate mousse from the salad bar.  Points go to me for not being a thief.

On my drive through Amarillo on I-40 this morning, I kept my eyes peeled for a Sonic so I could get my first fresh strawberry-lime slush.  I didn’t find one, amazingly enough, but I did spot a Fazoli’s where I may just have to grab dinner this evening.  Ironically, the one Fazoli’s in Maryland is in Hagerstown and Seth has designs to eat there this Friday on his way back from football camp at Frostburg State.  Who knew we could both enjoy the fast-food Italian delicacy in the same week?

We just took a break from work to go get “real” hamburgers from a local hamburger stop called Hil’s.  There does just seem something quintessentially Texan about loading up a burger with all the fixin’s at the authentic local jaunt.  I was sad to miss out on the proper accompaniment of a Dr. Pepper but I’d already had an iced chai today and I am trying to watch the caffeine a bit.

Back to work I go!  

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