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The Heat is Getting to Me

August 13, 2007
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See, look at what the heat is making me do!  I’m getting crazy with the hair ribbons!  (Or maybe that’s just being back in Texas.)  Anyway, the Monday report is certainly a positive one.  I met my Baylor friend, Barrett, for lunch and had a great time catching up.   Then Sheils and I were off to several cute baby-related boutiques and ended up escaping to North Park mall (with our bubble tea) to get out of the 106 degree (I’m not exaggerating) heat!   We then ended up at Good Eats for a chicken fried steak and fried okra dinner and then headed over to see Fran’s cute new condo.  All in all, a perfect Dallas day…


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Somehow, Travis and I ended up with a baby who is in the 95th%ile for height.  Owen had his 1 month checkup last week.  He’s 10 pounds 4 oz and some height that makes him officially tall.  I’m not exactly tall (5’3” or maybe 5’4”) and Travis is just under 6 feet. I wonder if this means Owen will be taller than us by the time he’s 7 years old?  We’ll see.  He was pronounced ‘perfectly fine’ at the doctor with a recommendation to try to get him to start looking to the left, as Owen likes to look mainly to the right.  So we’ve been trying to trick him into looking to the left, which is not easy to do with a 1 month old.  He’s been cooing more and also makes sounds like a baby pterodactyl (or what we think a baby dinosaur should sound like).  He also smiles more now, which is really cute, and surprisingly difficult to properly catch with the camera.  We did, however, figure out how to record video with our digital camera and have recorded Owen’s first tub bath for posterity.  He was really cute and seemed a little surprised by the warm water at first.  He mainly cooed and looked at me while I was bathing him.  O also christened his bathtub by peeing on it, as he does with all things he loves (Mom, Dad, panda picture on the nursery wall).  In other O news, he actually woke himself up farting this morning. That’s my little trucker baby. 


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So Owen likes music, particularly when people sing to him.  He likes Travis to sing him ‘This Land is Your Land’ and folk songs, preferably in a Bob Dylan/Woodie Guthrie hybrid voice.  O likes me to sing the Oscar Mayer ‘My bologna has a first name’ song’ when he gets his diaper changed.  I’ve modified the lyrics so that he doesn’t develop an unhealthy obsession with bologna.  Travis does have a cousin with a child who eats only hot dogs, so I figure it’s in the genes and I should be careful.


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