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August 2007
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Big belly + Tiny Butt = Diaper Danger

August 23, 2007
Filed under: Baby Dunbar, Blog — Kerry @ 9:09 am

Owen is developing really cute love handles and a Buddha belly.  His butt is still fairly tiny and hasn’t kept up with his belly growth.  Now that he kicks his legs really frequently and vigorously, he can work his diaper down his body, leading to plumber’s butt and diaper disaster.  I’ve been pondering solutions for preventing Owens’s clothes from turning into a superfund site, but so far have only come up with ideas for diaper suspenders, judicious use of duct tape, or putting him in bigger diapers that will fasten above his belly (like old man pants).

Power of Concentration

Filed under: Baby Dunbar, Blog — Kerry @ 9:09 am

So O’s new hobby is staring at his right hand and trying to get it into his mouth. This activity requires great focus and concentration for the little dude.  He watches his hand very closely as he brings it closer, to the point of being a bit cross-eyed.  It reaches his mouth some of the time, other times the errant hand hits him in the nose or cheek.  When he does get it to his mouth, he licks it and drools on it with great satisfaction.  My little boy is growing up!


A New Feature

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It has been decided that on some sort of sporadic basis, I will feature one of you, my loyal readers, in a blog entry.  In order to obtain this honor, you must contribute at least a nickel to Baboo’s college fund.  This first one I’m doing gratis since this joker’s been on my case for weeks about seeing his name in print.  :-)

Sung to the tune of the main stanzas of ”Yankee Doodle Dandy”….

Baboo has a friend named Joel; he is tall and runs real fast. / He named his doggie after Irish beer; Pennsylvania’s the state of his past.

In the day he is an enginerd, the kind that works with outer space./ He even caught a glimpse of the Queen, when she came to check on our arms race.

He is married to Ka(-a-)thy and they love the kabobs from Maiwand./ Virginia Tech Hokies through and through; of them, we are all quite fond.

Okay, it’s 6:45 AM.  That’s all I got.   CONGRATULATIONS, JOEL!!!!                                                                                                  

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