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21.5 week update

August 27, 2007
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Just had a doctor’s appointment this morning.  Seth and I had both placed bets on my weight which–darn all that Texas vacation food!–was a few pounds more than either of our guesses.  The good news is that I’ve still gained only about 10 pounds through the 21+ week process which I figure is in the healthy range.    I guess I should probably curtail the Cheeburger Cheeburger milkshakes, TCBY cups, and McDonald’s sundaes.  Sigh!

The doctor had actually just received the ultrasound report from the radiologist so we went through that together.  Apparently, Baboo is quite normal.  The estimated due date based on the sonogram is January 2nd, so we keep inching closer to a potential New Year’s baby if he were to come on time.  The fabulous news for me is that they were unable to see his lips and nose so that would count as a “medically necessary” reason for another ultrasound!!  Unfortunately, the place is booked until October 2nd but at least I will get the opportunity for one more person to confirm the Boyboo-ness.  (And you’ll be relieved to know I’m actually NOT concerned that Baboo doesn’t have lips or a nose– I think it was just a positioning thing!)  :-)

Other than that, all is well here.  Seth’s back in the classroom as of today and is thrilled to only have 2 preps this year.  He’s teaching 2 AP Bio classes, each of which is 2 periods long, plus 1 section of Honors Bio.  So while the AP grading will be a bear, at least it’s only 3 sets of kids.  His JV football team was supposed to have its first scrimmage Saturday night but it was cancelled due to the insane heat we had over the weekend.  He’ll have to wait a little longer to see how his players look in action.

Happy Monday!

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