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2 months old

September 6, 2007
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I can’t believe Owen is already 2 months old.

First the numbers: O weighs 12 pounds, 4 ounces which is the 75th %ile for his age. He gained 2 pounds in a month, which is kind of amazing, since he added a fifth of his body weight. His head, despite looking pretty darn big, is 75th%ile. He’s still tall (90th%ile), at 24 inches long. He got 4 shots and one oral vaccine today. He liked the oral vaccine ok, but the shots displeased him. Of course, he also seems to dislike having his hips checked, which made him cry just as loudly as the shots did. This afternoon, he’s been recovering from his visit to the pediatrician by sleeping and eating, then sleeping some more. Fortunately he seems to like the grape-flavored infant Tylenol. Overall, his head control is improving, he wiggles around like he wants to roll from stomach to back, coos and smiles like a champ.

In the last month, Owen has had a few firsts:

First road trip – we went to
North Carolina last weekend for a great visit with Ann, Travis’s aunt. Cousin Eric accompanied us. Owen didn’t mind the car ride and enjoyed the company there.

First visit to an art installation – Also in
North Carolina, where we visited a beautiful park with large sculptures in it. One favorite was the tower made of newspapers. Art - A Tower of Newspapers

First visit to the mall – Now I know why there are always people with strollers at the mall. It’s a nice place to walk around with your kiddo. There’s food, places to sit, and if you have to leave a store b/c fussiness, you’re still inside.

First Fine Dining - Travis fed O a bottle sitting next to the piano at Nordstrom. Owen liked the music a lot.

First getting caught in the rain – after the mall, when a tree blocked the road to our house.

First visit to church – Owen likes the music, but doesn’t like the clapping after the choir sings. He also likes the readings and the sermon. By ‘likes’, I mean ‘sleeps through’.

First gagging himself with his fist - Yes, my little dude has discovered how to get his right hand in his mouth, which he drools and slimes all over. Yesterday I think he poked some of his fingers a little too deep.

First pair of cowboy boots – from Target, He’s getting ready to outgrow his boots with his big baby feet.

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