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My Thursday

September 7, 2007
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I’m leading a training today and tomorrow for some of my colleagues near Arundel Mills (about 15 min away for anyone not local).  It’s really kinda fun to be able to come home and get in my own bed after a long day of work rather than being in another city staying in a hotel.  It’s a fabulous ”audience” of 5 women, 2 of whom are Marylanders and the other 3 who have traveled from different parts of the Northeast.  We ended up going to Timbuktu last night for crabcakes, so thanks to Tom and Co. for telling me about that place.  (Isn’t that the one that’s owned by the same people as G&M, where I know you like to take people, Jen and Chad?)

So I got home late last night and went to get the mail with my bag and my leftover portion of crab cake when I could’ve sworn I felt something drop onto my foot.   I walked a bit farther and, sure enough, I felt something again.  Since I’m worst-case scenario Emily, my first thought was that I was bleeding.  Even in the dark, though, I didn’t seem to see anything red on my foot.  So then I figured maybe my crab cake was dripping–but that didn’t make much sense since there was nothing liquid to it.  Then I realized what was happening.  My water bottle had spilled in my bag–my computer bag–and was now dripping off the bag.  Argh!!  Thankfully most of the water was in a different compartment from where the actual machine was, but it definitely got wet and definitely was not working last night.  I got out the hair dryer per Christy’s suggestion and then let it dry out overnight sans battery per Eric’s suggestion, and now am waiting a bit longer before I see if it’s going to work.  I’m still holding out hope. 

The weird thing is that yesterday was the first day really ever that I kept getting foot cramps, and it was mentioned to me that perhaps I was dehydrated.  Since I was standing up and talking most of the day, I was not drinking anywhere near as much water as I would if I had been home working.  So basically, I am getting punished for working out of the home office and being too busy to drink all the water in my bottle.  That’s it– I’m never working again.

Off to get ready for…  Sigh.  :-)

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