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Our Wee Box is even Cozier!

September 11, 2007
Filed under: Baby Kenton, Blog — emkenton @ 7:49 am

So yesterday, we got all new carpet downstairs.  For those of you who have been to our little box, er, house, you know that it’s two rectangles on top of each other.  We redid the upstairs carpet as soon as we closed on the house because it was not only a disgusting dark brown color but also in bad, bad shape.   We (and our bank account) were relieved that the carpet throughout the downstairs, a pale Berber, seemed to be relatively new and looked fine.  So we left it.

As we prepare for Baboo’s arrival, however, it has struck me that I’d just feel better all around knowing that there was clean and fresh carpet downstairs.  Even though his nursery will be upstairs, we do most of our “living” downstairs and I imagine that’s where he might eventually start crawling around.  I realize he won’t be moving around much for awhile, but when he does get to the point, I’d rather not think about what might be hanging out in the mystery carpet!

I know carpet is becoming more and more “not cool” as people switch to hardwoods, but I’ve always been into the coziness of it.  (Plus, I don’t think our house is architecturally interesting enough for hardwoods, anyway!)  I knew I wanted something more casual downstairs than our nice carpet upstairs, but also wanted something that was not going to be a pain to clean.  I had quite a learning experience when I returned to the carpet store for the first time in 3.5 years and found out prices had increased something like 35% because of the petroleum connection.  I went ahead and picked out a longer, almost shag-like, carpet (much like yours, Linds!) which I assumed was being referred to as a frisee (can’t figure out how to do an accent aigu, so just imagine it), but is apparently actually spelled frieze.  In either case, Seth’s comment was, “it’s even cozier than before!”  And yes, “cozy” might be a euphemism for “small” but to us, it’s perfect.

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