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Happy Friday!

September 14, 2007
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I feel as though this week went by really fast, which is kinda odd since it wasn’t a shortened week like last week.  (Well, except for Seth, who got yesterday off for Rosh Hashanah.)  Next week should fly by, too, since I’m taking off Thursday and Friday and driving back up to Corning.  Sheils is flying in and we’re going to paint the town red for a couple of days (which won’t be that hard since it’s a very small town), and then we’re driving up to Buffalo where we will pick up our respective other-halves from the airport so the 4 of us can go to the Baylor/Buffalo game on Saturday.  We may also make a quick trek to Niagara Falls since Seth has never been there.   I understand my dad is planning our Saturday around all the indigenous food offerings of Buffalo–  so apparently, I’m not only my mother’s clone but also a chip off the paternal block because I LOVE to plan my days around food!!  :-)   Anyway, we’re thankful for the timing of Yom Kippur this year so Seth had this weekend off to go to his first BU football game in at least 6 years.

 We got a call last week that the crib and dresser are in so I think we’ll be heading over to pick those up on Sunday afternoon.  We don’t quite have a space for them yet, but we’ll figure it out.   Big Daddy Kenton (that’s actually NOT Seth, although we should start thinking up fun names for him as a father) is coming to visit the weekend after next and we’ve assigned him to crib-assembly duties.  (Don’t worry, dear father-in-law– we’ll manage to do some fun things, too!  I know you want to eat a big bowl of Indian curry and chase it with some sushi!)

Not really much else going on.  Seth’s game tomorrow morning should be interesting because it’s the first situation in all his years of coaching where we know the head coach of the other team.  He’s engaged to a woman who coaches track with Seth.  We were all together at an event Saturday night and I was trying to get them to talk some trash about the game, but they’re both mild-mannered men.  Boring.  I do hope we win, though!!!

Hope everyone has a delightful day!

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