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Kitchen remodel

September 17, 2007
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OK, this has nothing to do with babies, but we wanted to post some in-progress shots of our kitchen remodel and this seemed like as good a place as any.


This first picture is the before picture. We’ve cleaned everything out, painted some of the walls, and gotten ready for the contractors to show up.

Demo complete

They showed up at 6:55 am on Monday to start demolition. After a couple hours, they were done. Here’s the kitchen with nothing in it. Notice the lovely original flooring under where the cabinets were ;-)

Cabinets delivered

A few hours later, the cabinets arrived. They now fill up our previously empty living room. We’ll keep you posted on the progress.

It’s Always Something

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So we weren’t able to pick up the nursery furniture as planned yesterday.   After a very productive morning at church, hosting coffee hour, going grocery shopping, and watching an episosde of DVD The Office, we went out to get in Seth’s truck to head to meet some friends for lunch and then go on to the store.  We got about 5 feet before having to stop and look around….sure enough, that funny sound was being caused by a flat tire.  We didn’t want to be late for our lunch rendezvous so we hopped in my car to head to Silver Spring.  I’m sure my car could hold the furniture, but we needed to get back for Seth to take care of the flat tire so he would have a vehicle for today.  (Because we all know we can’t switch cars since I’m not much for the standard transmission!)   The store will have to hold onto Baboo’s stuff for a little longer.

Thankfully, our Saturday did not have any such hiccups.  Seth’s team won their game 14-6, which might have been closer than expected (and chock full o’ turnovers) but who cares because it’s a W!  Late afternoon, Kathy and Joel came over and the 4 of us drove a little over an hour up to Elk Neck State Park (almost to DE state line) for some “quasi-camping.”  Q-C refers to dropping in at a campsite, partaking of the fun campfire vittles and atmosphere, and then returning home to one’s bed.  I highly recommend it!!  :-)   There was a group of 13 of us Glen Mar UMC Young Adult types gathered there, 8 of whom were champs who were actually roughing it for a 24-hour period.  Tom and Eric demonstrated their Boy Scout backgrounds with good lessons in campfire safety as well as how to make apple cobbler in a dutch oven over hot coals.  Very impressive all around.

And somehow it’s Monday morning again.  Hope everyone has a great week!

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