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Kitchen remodel part 2

September 19, 2007
Filed under: Baby Sellers, Blog — chad @ 10:21 pm

OK, here’s part 2 showing the status so far.

Cabinets installed
Cabinets installed 2

As you can see, the cabinets have been installed and the old floor has been ripped up. The cabinets look really nice (even without the hardware). Additionally, the old light fixtures have been removed and the new track lighting is in. The new light over the sink is not yet in because we bought the wrong thing (we bought a 3″ can and the hole is a 4″ can). So, we have to get a new one before the electrician comes back.

Seth of Steel

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We made our way to the baby store last night to pick up the furniture.  (Note to self:  evening shopping in Rockville is a great option…no traffic or crowds!)  When the employees wheeled the cart of boxes out to the curb, I bet they were laughing to see just one of us who can actually lift anything.  The dresser comes in one piece so it was in a huge and heavy box; the crib is in pieces but is still in a giant unwieldy box, and then we had a really long third box with the rails to make the crib (eventually) into a double bed.  So the two workers heave and ho and get everything in the back of the truck and I’m just wondering how Seth is ever going to get it out on the other end.   He tells me, however, that he can do anything through sheer willpower.   And something else about steel— whatever.

Long story short– the man was right.  He carried each of those huge boxes across the yard by himself and then got them all down the stairs into the basement room for storage.  It was insane.  Go Seth.

In other Seth news, he has his weekly JV game today because they can’t do anything this weekend due to Yom Kippur.  So they only had 2 days of practice since the last game and I don’t think things were looking rosy.  Plus, since the JV is playing before the Varsity (rather than the morning after per usual), they won’t be able to use their starting quarterback since he is the backup Varsity quarterback.  In the two previous games, he didn’t get called up to play Friday night so could play for the JV on Saturday morning, but he needs to be eligible to play Thursday for Varsity this week just in case.  So who knows what’s going to happen.  

I don’t really have any news.  Baboo is enjoying his acrobatics.  My back has started getting kind of hurt-y towards the end of the day.  I had to buy giant pants yesterday which depressed me.  So I ate a pinwheel to make myself feel better.  (hee hee)

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