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Sunday Catch-Up

September 30, 2007
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Things got a little crazy last week and my blogging suffered so let’s try to recap:

1)  Found out on Monday afternoon that my services were needed tomorrow (Monday) for a 3-hour presentation in Elizabeth, NJ which is a good 3 hours away.   The presentation relates to the NJ state assessment which I know nothing about so I have some prep time in front of me.

2)  Found out Tuesday afternoon that my services were needed FRIDAY (as in 3 days ago and 3 days from the original call) for a 5-hour presentation in Barnegat, NJ, which is also 3 hours away.  Left at 4:45 AM Friday morning to make the drive to be there by 8:30.  Made it home by 5.

3)  Baby Sogn was born Wednesday night!!   Leaving behind his fetal name of Thor, Ethan James came into the world after an apparently “easy” delivery.  We just went to meet him this afternoon and he is too cute!   The parents Sogn are wonderful examples of calm, collected, and super happy parents!  You can learn more about him at  

 4)  Seth’s dad arrived Thursday night (his flight was 3 hours delayed– what’s with all this 3-hour stuff?) and I felt bad that I couldn’t be around to entertain him either Friday or Monday.  We’ve done our best to be good company this weekend.  Unfortunately, he did not bring good luck to the Sherwood Warriors JV team which experienced its first loss on Saturday, 32-12.

5)  Several things of note did manage to happen this weekend, however.   First of all, we introduced Big D to the wonder that is Sushi King.  Unless he’s a masterful liar, his first experience with sushi was quite a positive one!   And today, he and Seth put together the crib and moved the dresser up to the nursery (which, amazingly enough, was successfully cleaned out yesterday) and Baboo’s room is starting to take shape!   Okay, really, those 2 pieces of furniture are the only baby-related attributes but eventually we’ll take the non-nursery stuff off the walls and paint, etc.

PS–  The wood color of the crib and dresser really is the same.  It’s hard to tell in these pics and I’m also not sure where the random sunspot-ish circles came from, but oh well!


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