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October 2007
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Last Chance

October 31, 2007
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I’m going to go ahead and close the BabooBirth poll at the end of the week, so if you haven’t gotten your guess in because you’re trying to wait until the last minute to better your chances (cough, Chad Sellers, cough), please do so!

In other news, I can’t believe it’s already almost November!!  We’ve been blessed with some nice weather this week and I just picked up some Halloween candy so I can be ready for the arrival of wee ones (and, likely some not so wee ones) at the door tonight. 

Had a tired/sore back to show for sitting in a chair for an all-day meeting yesterday and then was treated to a painful calf cramp during the night, but other than that, things are just fine.  Sorry to be dull…

30 Weeks…

October 28, 2007
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…and still feeling good!  Hope it keeps up!


Today’s Thoughts

October 25, 2007
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I’m feeling some pressure to keep up the blogging since I’ve posted each day so far this week.  So GET EXCITED for a random spin through Emily’s mind:

1)  It’s finally raining.  For those of you who don’t live up here, you may not know that we’re many, many inches behind in rainfall and this wet stuff is desperately needed.  While I’m a little bummed that it’s crimping my exercise style (walking around the neighborhood), I welcome the opportunity to feel perfectly appropriate wearing sweatpants and a sweatshirt.

2)  A Kenton family factoid that I feel like may surprise some people:  one of us likes to watch gritty HBO dramas and one of us likes to watch ABC’s new Pushing Daisies with all its fantastical fluff.  Any takers on who’s who?

3)  The nutrition people need to make up their minds about pregnant women and fish.  I felt horribly guilty when the news came out recently that we preggos should be eating lots of fish after all.  I’ve always been one to espouse the benefits (of which I’ve read) of Omega-3 fatty acids, but for some reason, it’s been a long, long time since fish ended up in our grocery cart.  So to remedy this situation, I cooked salmon last night.  Tasty CL recipe– dredged in a mixture of ground almonds, panko, coriander, and cumin.   I feel smarter already.

4)  Flu shots really do make one’s arm sore for a couple of days.

5)  CSI is a repeat tonight which means I get to watch Grey’s Anatomy on the actual TV (albeit recorded) instead of being relegated to  Scrubs also returns so we’ll be watching the NBC block from 9-10 and then catching recorded GA at 10.  We also have 3 more Netflix’d episodes of How I Met Your Mother (Season 2) to finish so we can pick up with the current season.  Just in case you’ve been wondering about our evening TV-viewing habits!

6)  I’m probably boring you.  So I’ll stop.  Have a great day!

A Poo-tacular Blowout

October 24, 2007
Filed under: Baby Dunbar, Blog — Kerry @ 9:23 pm

Owen eats about 6 oz of breastmilk 7 times a day, which is 42 oz a day.  Let’s say he weighs 15 pounds (rough estimate). If a 150 pound adult were to eat a proportional amount of milk, he’d have to drink 3.28 gallons of milk a day. 

This helps me understand how Owen had such a pootacular blowout last night. Owen didn’t want to go to sleep last night and kept grunting and squirming.  I was on call last night, so Travis took over sleep duty.  I was on the phone with the emergency department when I heard the bathtub turn on.  I found Travis and O in the bathroom and Owen taking a bath at 11 pm.  In the big bathtub was something that used to be a onesie and a sleep sack, which were now unrecognizable.  Turns out the grunting and squirming was a pootacular BM making its way to the exit.  O had a bath, the clothes got a large dose of spray&wash and a long wash and rinse cycle in the washer. Not surprisingly, after having a bath and seeing mommy and daddy at midnight, O wanted to stay up and play, not go back to sleep.  He got to sleep until noon today, Travis and I went to work. Here’s hoping for better sleep tonight.

Ah, the General Public

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I forced myself to make a grocery store run this morning since I’ve succeeded in putting it off for many days.  (I realized once I got there that I was in my best tree costume:  brown sweatpants and a bright green shirt!   Hmm– maybe a tree with a giant lump on one side!)  As I was checking out, the guy standing behind me asked, out of the blue, if I were “getting pretty close?”   Now, this comment sort of bothers me because it seems to suggest that I look WAY fat (er, preggers) rather than not-so-big which I’ve been hearing from others and much prefer.  But I don’t really care so I responded that I had a couple more months.  So then he asked if it were a Christmas baby and I said, maybe– the due date is Jan 4th.  At this point, the female employee exclaimed, “That’s the worst time to be born!”   NICE!!   We then got treated to a tale of woe about how her father’s birthday is December 26th and he gets cheated out of presents, blah, blah, blah.  

I’m not going to lie and say that I sat around for years pondering the best time of year to be born and then shouted, “Eureka!  Right after Christmas!”  And I know that Donna Martin’s friends often forgot her Christmas birthday on 90210.  I get it.  But wow– does the random check-out lady in the grocery store need to express it with such vehemence??

Funny coda– as I was putting my groceries in the car, the guy ran by and shouted, “It’s a great time to be born– I don’t know what that lady was talking about!”

Gotta love the things people say.  (Actually, I do love it.  People are so fascinating to me!!  Bring it on!!)


October 23, 2007
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 I know this doesn’t really make sense, but I decided late last night that I only had a small window of time before I potentially learned that I had high glucose levels so I better take advantage of the ignorance and eat some quality sweets.  I had earlier emptied part of a new bag of King Arthur All-Purpose flour into the canister and, in true Emily form, had not gone to the trouble to put the bag with the remaining flour into the cabinet.  So the recipe on the back of the bag for “Best Fudge Brownies Ever” taunted me all day yesterday from its place on the counter.  I finally decided, per the rationale described above, that I needed to make them.  And wow, are they tasty!

Happily, I just received an email from the good tech bots at Kaiser Permanente that let you know when you have new lab results posted online.  Sure enough– I was nowhere near the suspicious glucose levels!  No gestational diabetes for me!!   Only more brownies!!  YAY!

Update: Almost 30 weeks

October 22, 2007
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Wow, I’m not sure I’ve ever snoozed in a parking lot before but that is certainly what just happened.  I arrived 15 minutes before my regular check-up so I could drink the delightful orange stuff to get the Glucose Tolerance Test process started.    It wasn’t all that bad, actually.  Then I went to my appointment (only 4 lb weight gain..hooray!!) where I learned that all of Baboo’s measurements, etc, are squarely within the plus/minus error column of where I’m supposed to be, but to Seth’s great pleasure, are more on the plus side of those.   So maybe he’ll get his wish and have this kid over Christmas vacation from school like he really wants.

I then got treated to a flu shot.  I’ve never done the flu shot thing before and have just counted myself lucky never to have gotten sick.  The shot itself wasn’t that big a deal but it made me feel pretty out of it.  So I spent about 10 minutes sitting there with my head between my hands trying not to freak out about the fact that I still had to go back to the lab and have 3 vials of blood drawn plus my general anxieties about gestational diabetes in the first place! 

Thankfully, the blood-drawing went fine and I escaped to my car where I decided I was really just exhausted.  I reclined the passenger seat and closed my eyes for a bit….and then woke up to find it was way later than when I’d left the office.   Wonder how many people peered in at me and thought crazy things!

A Discovery

October 19, 2007
Filed under: Baby Dunbar, Blog — Kerry @ 7:51 am

You can bring a half gallon of breast milk on an airplane, even if the baby’s not with you.  I went on my first work-related trip of the year, leaving T and O to hang out together.  Owen worked his way through the frozen breast milk supply and even tried a little formula while I was gone.  He had a cocktail of 50% breastmilk 50% formula, which he liked just fine, although it gave him revolting-smelling poo (Travis commented that he was glad he hadn’t eaten right before he changed the diaper or he would’ve hurled. Eeeewww)   I maintained a regimen of milk pumping four times a day and had a duffel bag full of milk to tote home.  I was kinda worried about getting put on the no-fly list for brining on liquids more than 3 oz in size, but the TSA now allows breast milk sans baby to be carried on as it is a ‘medically necessary  liquid’.  Good thing, as I’m fairly attaced to my breast milk ie ‘liquid gold’ and pitching it would pain me greatly.  Pretty much every nursing woman I know feels the same way about her milk.

Sleeping Update

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I went away on my first work trip a few weeks ago.  While away, I slept longer in one stretch than I have in a year.  I got 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep. No baby crying or wanting to eat and none of the frequent peeing I had when I had the O bun in the oven. Travis and Owen survived, although Travis was a bit sleep-deprived when I got home. 

Recently Owen has started going to bed at 7 pm.  There are good things and bad things about this.  Good is that Travis and I can actually eat dinner together, instead of tag team style. Good because it keeps me from being a sleep-deprived zombie at work.  Bad is that if I get stuck at work, then I only see O awake for a few minutes, or not at all until he wakes up for his midnight meal.

Hmmm.. I think Owen detected my glee about his improved sleeping habits. Last night he added 2 extra feedings and a few other awakenings to deal with. Time for some caffeine.

3 months

October 18, 2007
Filed under: Baby Dunbar, Blog — Kerry @ 9:28 pm

My how things change.  Crankenstein makes an appearance less frequently and the cute cooing and smiling has increased a lot.  Owen continues to get better with his hands, sliming them and trying out different combos of fingers in his mouth.  He also likes to chew on his blanket and is getting better at escaping his swaddle blanket.  He holds his head up at 90 degrees to look in his play mirror.  He even rolled over once and looked pretty surprised when he did it.  He’s napping without his swaddle and likes to bat at toys.  He’s busting out of some of his baby clothes and drools a lot more than before.  He doesn’t poo every time he eats, but unfortunately this can lead to total destruction of a onesie with a massive poo (who knew that digested breast milk stained so badly?)  He doesn’t whack his own head with his hands as much (a nice benefit of storing his hands in his mouth), but did manage to spit up in his own eye.  He’s handling mommy’s transition to work really well and loves hanging out with the nanny during the day.  And he’s loooongg and has a cute round head. 

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