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October 2007
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Kitchen remodel part 6

October 5, 2007
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Tile completeTile complete

The tile is now complete (well, the grout is still setting, but there is no work remaining on the tile). So, now we just have a few loose ends left until we’re done.

This doesn’t feel like October!

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You all know that I LOVE fall.  Crispness and all that.  Unfortunately, this 88 degree weather is doing nothing for my autumnal excitement.  I am making pumpkin bars for a gathering tonight– maybe we can fake our way to believing the season has actually started.

On the Baboo front, I am definitely becoming more aware of my belly.  Our walking loop through the neighborhood is being traversed at a slower clip than it once was.  The belly has taken on a life of its own (um, yes, Captain Obvious.  The life’s name is Baboo.)  and makes itself felt especially during any kind of exercise.  I’m sad about my doughy arms and legs due to my lack of Jazzercise but I figure maybe I can get some tone back from toting around the little one come 2008.

Trying to think of what else is going on here.  My latest Netflix TV project is Brothers and Sisters.  I’ve watched the first 8 episodes of Season 1 and really enjoyed it.  This is our weekend respite between paternal visits so there will probably be quite a bit of lying around.  We did pick a paint color for the one wall in the nursery so maybe we’ll buy it and get to work on that.  No one will be surprised to hear it’s yet another shade of blue– that makes 4 different ones in our house!

I’ve been feeling under pressure to set up registries but I’m totally overwhelmed.  We’re going to do Target and Babies-R-Us and we just need to go do it.  This just seems a whole different ballgame than wedding registry when we needed everything!  Now I’m torn between registering for too much stuff that we might (or might not) end up needing versus considering what we actually have room for.  So we’ll see.  But if anyone out there has specific suggestions for miracle items that must be purchased, please let me know!

Hope everyone enjoys the weekend!  Sherwood has a tough game tomorrow so happy thoughts for Coach Kenton!

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