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“Baboo Made Me Eat It”

October 16, 2007
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That’s going to be my mantra for the next 11-ish weeks.  I experienced what I think was my first preggers eating binge Sunday night and I’m only partially ashamed.  While I’ve definitely been more liberal with my dessert eating when offered a tasty treat, it wasn’t until the late hours at the Red Roof Inn in Westbury, NY that I really let loose.  I flew into Islip on Southwest (okay, FIL, it wasn’t that bad), rented a car (got an upgrade to that crazy looking Dodge Magnum– turns out you can see out that tiny back window), and drove about 35 minutes west towards NYC and the aforementioned swanky hotel.  Checked in after 8 pm and just didn’t feel like going out in search of grub.  The guy at the counter gave me a selection of menus for places that delivered and off I went to choose my dinner.

One of them was a service that delivers food from many different restaurants and I immediately saw that California Pizza Kitchen was an option.  We don’t make it to CPK very often because there isn’t one very close to us, so I opted to go back to basics with their Barbecue Chicken Pizza.  Then when I was on the phone with the delivery service, I figured why not ask about dessert options?  Yes indeed, please throw that chocolate souffle cake in there as well.   Now, I’ve ordered CPK pizzas plenty of time and I rarely eat more than 3 of the pieces.  Maybe 4 if I’m feeling crazy.   On this particular night, however, Baboo had been letting me know that I hadn’t been eating enough of late and I needed to go nuts.  So that I did.  I finally hid the box after eating the crust off the 6th and final piece and leaving only the pile of cheese and chicken from that last wedge.  And then it was time for the cake.  Mmmm…..cake!

The good news is that my doctor’s appointment isn’t until next week so I can be better about my eating and walking this week before stepping onto the scale of terror!  Of course, I can’t get around as quickly as I used to.  I might be losing this battle.  If the next picture you see of me is unrecognizable for all my rolls, it’s okay to be honest.  Just remember– Baboo made me eat it!

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