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October 2007
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A Discovery

October 19, 2007
Filed under: Baby Dunbar, Blog — Kerry @ 7:51 am

You can bring a half gallon of breast milk on an airplane, even if the baby’s not with you.  I went on my first work-related trip of the year, leaving T and O to hang out together.  Owen worked his way through the frozen breast milk supply and even tried a little formula while I was gone.  He had a cocktail of 50% breastmilk 50% formula, which he liked just fine, although it gave him revolting-smelling poo (Travis commented that he was glad he hadn’t eaten right before he changed the diaper or he would’ve hurled. Eeeewww)   I maintained a regimen of milk pumping four times a day and had a duffel bag full of milk to tote home.  I was kinda worried about getting put on the no-fly list for brining on liquids more than 3 oz in size, but the TSA now allows breast milk sans baby to be carried on as it is a ‘medically necessary  liquid’.  Good thing, as I’m fairly attaced to my breast milk ie ‘liquid gold’ and pitching it would pain me greatly.  Pretty much every nursing woman I know feels the same way about her milk.

Sleeping Update

Filed under: Baby Dunbar, Blog — Kerry @ 7:45 am

I went away on my first work trip a few weeks ago.  While away, I slept longer in one stretch than I have in a year.  I got 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep. No baby crying or wanting to eat and none of the frequent peeing I had when I had the O bun in the oven. Travis and Owen survived, although Travis was a bit sleep-deprived when I got home. 

Recently Owen has started going to bed at 7 pm.  There are good things and bad things about this.  Good is that Travis and I can actually eat dinner together, instead of tag team style. Good because it keeps me from being a sleep-deprived zombie at work.  Bad is that if I get stuck at work, then I only see O awake for a few minutes, or not at all until he wakes up for his midnight meal.

Hmmm.. I think Owen detected my glee about his improved sleeping habits. Last night he added 2 extra feedings and a few other awakenings to deal with. Time for some caffeine.

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