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The Big Belly and other Travails

November 7, 2007
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Author’s Note:  Okay, first of all, how weird is this?  I use the word “travail” all the time but I decided before posting on such a well-read site that I’d make sure I’ve been using it correctly.  Indeed, it does mean what I thought it did–but who knew that the 3rd definition of the word is “the pain of childbirth”?  I do NOT mean it in that way at this time…

Seth came home the other evening and asked me what was on my shirt.  ????  I had no idea what he was talking about.  He starts cracking up because he realizes my ignorance is due to the fact that I can’t SEE what’s on my shirt because of, yes, my big belly.  Turns out I’d been wandering around with flour all over the underside of said big belly but I couldn’t see it due to the roundness on the top!  And then last night, I was trying to move pork chops from one pan to another when one bounced off my big belly, hit the stove, and landed on the floor.  It’s so sad.

I also think the preggers clumsiness has set in.  Besides the pork chop incident, I knocked a glass over and it broke into lots of pieces, although thankfully I knocked it into the sink and not onto the floor.  I continue to walk into things fairly often but I suppose that could just be because I’m extra-wide (like I wasn’t wide enough already!).  Seriously, if these hips of mine don’t result in seriously-reduced travail (3rd definition), I’m going to be really disappointed. 

My eating and sleeping also have been amped up.   One bad thing about working from a home office is that it is so easy to be distracted by the kitchen.  I am constantly in there rooting around for a tasty treat.  The good news for my scale visits is that we don’t buy anything too unhealthy so even if I’m eating all the time, at least it’s whole-grain toast or cheddar and wheat crackers or something like that.  (And actually, the opening episode of this entry stemmed from my constant hunger.  I really wanted a palette for jelly, apple butter, and/or spun honey, but there was no bread anywhere in the house at the time and I didn’t feel like going to the grocery store.  So Sheils suggested I make biscuits.  Why don’t I do this more often?  Use Bisquick and you’re done in like 10 minutes!!)

The sleep thing is crazy.  Last night, I took a delicious nap on the couch starting at 7:15 pm.  I did wake up in time for House at 9, but true to form, I only made it through the first half before I was asleep again, this time sleeping until 10:30 or so.  Then I went to bed.  I know, I know– get sleep while I can!  Mission accomplished!

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