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But is there Filtered Water?

November 9, 2007
Filed under: Baby Kenton, Blog — emkenton @ 8:45 am

Last night, Seth and I accepted the reality that is to come and embarked on a guided tour of the baby-related halls of the hospital.  We were originally scheduled to go later this month but had to change that date so I think the majority of the other preggos were at least a few weeks closer to a due date than I am.  So maybe it makes sense that they all have more questions– after all, we don’t start our 5-session Prepared Childbirth class until next week.  But really?  Seth and I will probably never ask the kinds of questions these people were asking.  I know it’s hard to believe that I can be laid-back about anything with all my general anxieties and paranoias, but I really have no interest in being anything other than the nice, pleasant patient who trusts that these good people know what they’re doing.  I know this might all change as soon as Baboo is born and suddenly I’ll have the sharp claws of maternal protection; as for now, however, why would I presume to know anything more than the professionals?   Let me tell you, though, it’s a good thing that they do indeed have filtered water (the “blue lady’s” 15th question)….we certainly would’ve had to take our baby business elsewhere if they didn’t.  :-)

So anyway, the rest of the story is that this was really my first extended time in a hospital.  I can remember maybe going to visit family members in 2 hospitals over the last many, many years.  I realize this makes me very lucky, but it also potentially makes me that much more uneasy about spending time there myself.  (Side note: it cracks me up that they hide all the equipment behind the framed print above the bed.  How Alias of them.)  While we were checking out the waiting room of the L&D area, a couple walked by to check in with her clearly being in labor.  Then a few minutes later, when we were gathered in a L&D room, we could hear some screaming down the hall from another of the rooms.  Lovely!

Seth, of course, loved it.  I think in another life, he might have enjoyed medical school.  We couldn’t really figure out what sort of doctor he should have been, though.  Seems like it should be something dark and creepy, right??!  

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