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The Stuff of which Dreams are Made

November 14, 2007
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I have said for years that I think the coolest invention would be some sort of VCR/DVD device that could record your dreams while you sleep and then you could watch an awesome movie in the morning!  Of course, with all the morphing of people and places that happens while I sleep, it would probably be one crazy video.  I feel like I need this machine more than ever right now, however, because I am not having any memories of the dreams pregnant women are supposed to be having.  The woman in the video we watched at Childbirth class admitted she’d had a dream of giving birth to 5 rabbits (3 boys and 2 girls, just FYI) and then said, “And I wondered to myself– would they grow up to be humans?  Or would they stay rabbits?” which somehow was pretty funny in her delivery.

In any case, I haven’t dreamed of being maternal much at all.  I did have this really freaky dream the other night that I’ve forgotten most of but will not soon forget how I tried to get some sort of bug out of the house, and when I slammed the glass door, it was suddenly this GIANT spider taunting me about how that wasn’t going to work.  Larger-than-life buggy creatures have always been one of my fears (along with monsters reaching up through the toilet and grabbing me) so I didn’t like that much.

Sorry, boring news day.  We went to pick up Seth’s tux last night for his role as an usher in his brother’s wedding in Austin this weekend.  Since we were out, we figured we might as well eat (although we need to start eating lots at home so we can fill our new dishwasher with dishes and take it for a spin!) and had a delightful meal at Sushi King.  I am quite enjoying the veggie treats– sweet potato tempura roll, avocado roll, squash roll, etc–but I can not WAIT to be able to get back to the spicy tuna and salmon and all that.  I’m also ridiculously excited about being able to eat sandwiches without worrying about listeria.  The only 2 turkey subs I’ve eaten throughout this whole time that didn’t involve taking home and heating the meat until steaming in the microwave were from good ol’ Weggies.  I mean, really, if you can’t trust Wegmans, who can you trust??

 PS–Happy 30th Birthday shout-out to Joel P!!

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