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Baboo’s Uncle is my Twin

November 16, 2007
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100_0692.jpg  (disclaimer– this pic is from last Christmas)

A Moore family legend has perpetuated for some time now that, in this day of scientific breakthroughs, probably isn’t all that amazing but is still very central to our family core.  I am referring, of course, to the fact that my brother and I are convinced that we are actually identical twins (just go with it, okay) who were “thawed” 3 years apart.  Geoff(rey) is my ultimate other half, from the days we swapped Garbage Pail Kids and strived to beat the record in Pitfall on Atari to the days growing up in Corning when I’d sneak into his room through our 2-way closet and startle him with nonsense sayings.  

As many of you may know, he lives in LA and is a member of the Writers Guild and is, therefore, participating in the current strike.  All guild members are expected to picket 20 hours/week, and it sounds to me like he’s been interacting with some very interesting people (like Ed Helms from The Office) even if it’s like pulling teeth to get him to tell me, the celebrity-hound, any of this.   I was just telling someone earlier this week about another of Geoff’s claims to fame, which is that he appeared (and beat the other contestants) on Win Ben Stein’s Money in 2002.  He is, in fact, something of a trivia marvel– he used to play Trivial Pursuit alone against teams of 10-15 people and still beat them.  It was insane.

Anyway, as the holidays approach, I can do nothing but get excited about spending time with my brother (and his wife, Nicki).  Although the family hurrah gets started later today with my parents’ arrival, Geoff’s arrival on Tuesday evening signals the real party.  If anyone is up for challenging him in any game, let me know.  We’ll definitely be playing games with bellies full of turkey on Thursday!

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