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Laziness, Sickness, Football Loss

November 29, 2007
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The girl I sat next to at Prepared Childbirth class on Monday night is certainly prepared– she told me she’d washed 14 loads of baby clothes over the weekend and got everything all organized for her baby who is due Jan 1st.  Um, I have done none of that.  Poor Sheils has tried countless times over her last few trips here to help me move all my clothes out from the closet that will soon be Baboo’s and each time I was like, “Eh…it’ll get done.”  Will nesting ever kick in?  Will I ever get over my general sense of laziness?   I’m not sure.  As much as we’d love Baboo to come in December, I hope he doesn’t come too early or he’ll have to wear my clothes.

Not much going on here this week.  I took an official sick day on Tuesday and spent the entire day on the couch which was nice.  I finally watched Terms of Endearment, which I had Netflixed since I felt as though it’s one of those movies one should see.  I also perused our own very paltry DVD collection and decided it’s always a good day to watch Dave.  So I did that, too.    I read 3 magazines (balancing In Touch Weekly with Newsweek, thank you very much!)  I finished the book I’ve been reading which I found fascinating and already sent Karen to her local NJ library to check it out.  It’s called The Overachievers: The Secret Lives of Driven Kids.   I’m not sure whether our society has just gone nuts in the last 10-15 years and high school pressure to succeed really has gotten out of control or what, but I considered myself to be about as competitive and driven academically in high school as one could be and it was nothing compared to what these kids in 2005 were facing.  Interestingly, the students are all from a high school in Montgomery County….the same schoool that many of you saw Seth’s team beat for his last game!   Anyway, I am very thankful that, for all the work I did and stress I put on myself to succeed academically in high school, I didn’t regularly stay up all night doing homework.   Crazy.

Speaking of football, it’s old news by now but the Varsity Stormin’ Warriors did get knocked out of the playoffs this past Friday night.  My parents went to the game to cheer them on (too cold for me!) but alas, it was to no end.  So no game at Ravens Stadium for Sherwood this year.   Of course, Indoor Track had already started so Seth has already jumped into that.  There’s just never a break!

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