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December 2007
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In Case You’re Wondering…

December 30, 2007
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..My blog silence since Friday afternoon suggests nothing other than a lack of anything interesting to report.  I’m pretty much giving up on a 2007 baby.  “Great in ‘08″ has a better ring to it, anyway, right?

I’ve finally thrown caution to the proverbial wind with my eating habits.  Deli turkey meat?  BRING IT ON.  Blue cheese crumbles on my salad?  YUMMY.  A few bites of a smoked salmon sushi roll?  OH YEAH.   I figure– maybe if any of these forbidden pregnancy foods actually DID cause a problem, we’d have an excuse to deliver Baboo right away. 

We took down our Christmas tree yesterday (SO many dropped needles in its wake!) but haven’t bothered to pack away the ornaments yet.  Maybe that’ll be today’s project.  Since we went to early church this morning already, however, our most pressing adventure is our regular walk around the neighborhood before it starts raining (sigh) later.  

My Real Twin

December 28, 2007
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I wrote earlier of the Moore family legend that entails a twinship between myself and Geoff, but today’s entry is about my actual twin: Carrie, the first friend I made after moving to Corning in 3rd grade who happens to have been born on the same day I was.  In the 20 years since she wore the cutest puffy yellow coat with the red and yellow scarf, we’ve had plenty of adventures.  For those of you who understand the extent of my non-athleticism (meaning that all my years on the swim team were really in the role of supporter-of-others rather than real swimmer), I must tell you that there was once a day (circa 1989 or so) when I did beat Carrie in a backstroke race!!  And that was the last time…

Although she now lives in Charlotte, she’s spending some time in Maryland this week and we were able to meet up for lunch today.  It was no limo ride to an Italian restaurant in Ithaca, NY like we experienced on our joint 16th birthday, but it was wonderful all the same to have some time to catch up.   It’s interesting to think about Baboo’s upcoming birthday and to wonder who he might meet down the line who also came into the world on the very same day.  I am certainly lucky to have had so many years with my twin!


Full Circle

December 27, 2007
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Ah, behold the days of innocence.  Only a couple of months preggers and still fitting into normal clothes.  Modeling the cute shirt AKH sent me.  Blissfully ignorant of the dough that my arms would soon morph into:


And now, the reality of being 39 weeks preggers:


Honestly, kid, aren’t you ready to come out????


December 25, 2007
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We both were a bit lost without Geoffrey to play Santa and distribute the gifts, but we figured it out.  Hope everyone has a wonderful day!!


No News

December 24, 2007
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Had my weekly appointment this morning and nothing eventful to report.  Seth got to come, though, so he enjoyed hearing the heartbeat with the Doppler.  We are totally aware that this anticipation is all about the fact that we’re home on vacation with nothing to do and very little to do with reality.  I mean, if Baboo were due in July, I bet I wouldn’t be spending the 2 weeks previous expecting him to show up.  But we’re still holding out hope for December– still got another week!

We went to see Juno last night and really enjoyed it.  For all you Arrested Development fans, both Jason Bateman and Michael Cera are in it, although they don’t ever share screen time.  It’s fun to watch a movie about a pregnant main character when one is preggers….isn’t it funny how ANY screen depiction of birth is going to include the water breaking, even though that only happens first in 10-15% of pregnancies?  More dramatic, I guess.

No other real news.  Seth is applying the 2nd coat of polyurethane to the now-stained rocking chair as I write this.  It matches the crib and dresser very well!   It’s sunny and 50 degrees here which is a) bizarre and b) makes it NOT feel like Christmas.  Oh well– at least Sheils made sure we have cranberry bread for tomorrow morning so we can carry on the Moore family tradition even by ourselves.

 Merry Christmas Eve!

Which Hurts More: Calf Cramps or Labor? Discuss.

December 21, 2007
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Around 4:30 this morning, I awoke to feel a calf cramp taking over my left leg.  I guess I should feel lucky that this hasn’t happened in quite awhile, but I do wonder what it is about that leg in particular that enjoys cramping up.   In any case, I started squawking and hitting Seth and he dutifully (but lovingly!) rubbed it for me until it felt better.  While this pain was going on (and I was forgetting to breathe or relax), I commented that I sure hoped being all crazily akimbo in the labor room wasn’t going to cause me to have more calf cramps.  He responded that I probably wouldn’t notice….since you know, I’d be experiencing some other cramping/contractions.  Um, are they going to feel like my leg did?  Because that is no good.  For some reason, I feel like cramping in the extremities is somehow much worse than midsection cramping.  I remember occasionally getting foot cramps during swim practice and how much that hurt.  Man, maybe I should start getting nervous about labor after all. 

Nah!  The most bizarre thing about this whole experience is that I–surely one of the most easily taken by nonsense worries let alone actual ones–remain pretty calm about what is up ahead.  We are so excited!  Today is the last day of work for both of us before starting vacation (well, and an extended leave for me!) and I have to say that we’re ready to get this show on the road!  It’s weird to have an expanse of time with absolutely nothing planned except for the one thing that you’d really like to happen and have absolutely no control over its timing.  We do plan to take many of you up on your suggestions to enjoy as many movies and dinners out as we can during this time…but still!!  Bring on the Baboo!

Nursery Pics

December 19, 2007
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The great thing about hosting a party is that it’s a much-needed incentive to get the house put together.  After long weekend days of organization, hard work, and a lot of math (hanging things can get complicated!), we present the following glimpses into Baboo’s room:   (please note– the rocker still needs to be stained to match the other furniture and we will eventually have a diaper pad on the dresser!)

OH– there hasn’t been any official announcement on this site but revealing comments have been trickling in.  You’ll see from the 3rd pic what we intend to name the little guy…


Parental Name Game

December 18, 2007
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I’m currently flummoxed by what my maternal name should be.  I know that Mommy (and Daddy) tend to be the standards, and indeed, these are the names I grew up using for my own parents.  As I’ve alluded to previously, however, I ran into a spot of trouble with the “Mommy” thing back in junior high/high school when I realized I couldn’t yell “Mommy” across a crowded room to get my mother’s attention because….well, that would sound strange.  But I’m a big believer in the name/identity connection thing so I couldn’t just alter it to “Mom” and have it sound okay.  My mother is not my “Mom.”   Hence the rise of “Sheils” which was a much easier way for me to communicate.  (And, of course, all credit is due to AKH, who may or may not have actually invented “Sheils” but still receives accolades for most all of our nicknames…as well as the 1997 Dodge Caravan Sheils still drives.)  

My strong name/identity bonding quirk also rears its head when becoming friends with people who already are called a nickname.  I generally just can’t call someone by a moniker that already existed– I need to come up with my own (or have AKH make it for me).  Case in point: Seth has a teacher friend at school whom people call “Baldi” because her last name is Baldwin.  I can not make my mouth form that word.  So I call her by her first name.  On the flip side, if your name is Thomas and you go by Tom, I can call you Tom.  But if you want to be called T-Dog or something like that– it’s just not gonna happen.

The question of name/identities came up just last night.  Seth and I hosted 25 (!!!) of our young adult small group church friends for the annual Christmas gathering and gift exchange.  We’d recently relocated my Baylor yearbooks to a temporary holding place downstairs and a nosy guest (let’s just say he might want to be called T-Dog) started going through one of them.  He was bewildered by the same thing I was when the edition was printed– it says that I’m from Leawood, Kansas!!   When I was a senior, a freshman showed up on campus with the nerve to have the name Emily Moore.  She was from Leawood, Kansas and managed to confuse the yearbook staff enough for them to claim the midwest as my stomping grounds.  See that?  Stripping away of identity right there!

In any event, we are blessed to have such wonderful friends and had a fabulous time squeezing them all in last night!  If you want to learn more about our group, you can check out

Big Belly Part II

December 16, 2007
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just so you know that i can still get dressed and do my hair…actually, maybe i shouldn’t claim the latter since i see there’s quite the frizz action on the left side of my head.  well, whatever.  :-)

oh, and just PS– i’m standing right in front of an outlet so that’s an electric cord that looks like it’s coming out of me.  we’ve taken to plugging me in to get recharged before going out in public. 


Greasy Hair and No Makeup, but Oh! What a Belly!

December 15, 2007
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i am officially huge.


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