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December 2007
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Wake Me Up AFTER I Go, Go…

December 14, 2007
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Unfortunately, my sleeplessness seems directly related to nocturnal trips to the bathroom…as in, if I get up, I will magically be wide awake and unable to get back to sleep.  (This was NOT the case earlier.)  Thank goodness that Baboo is not dancing on my bladder too much so I’ve been able to resist getting up until like the 3 AM range.  I hung out for awhile staring at the ceiling  this morning before deciding to go on downstairs and do something.  Sleep always does come back eventually– in this case, on the downstairs couch somewhere around 4:45 AM–but it’s really just annoying!

Being in front of the TV in the wee hours of the night gave me the time, however, to watch the part of Oprah from yesterday about the woman who understands “baby languages.”  Two of you had given me a heads-up about it so I recorded it, which was perfect for when I needed something to watch early this morning.  The 5 different cries she’s been able to distinguish are pretty interesting– wonder if it’ll help at all with Baboo.  I do have to say, though, and I know this is probably an unpopular opinion…but I’m just not a fan of Oprah.  She always seems to make it be about her and her “cute” reactions, etc.  See– maybe pregnancy hormones finally are setting in because I’m actually expressing an opinion (gasp!) about something when I usually just like to stay happy and conflict-free!  :-)

No other real news to report.  I have to drive into DC this afternoon for a work meeting and I’m not looking forward to getting caught in the Friday afternoon traffic on my way back home.  Sigh. 

Growing boy

December 12, 2007
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I have come to the conclusion that you can’t squeeze a size 2 butt into size 1 diapers.  I have been leaked on a few times in the last couple of days, but I am desperately trying to use the last 70 size 1 diapers that we have!  Drew’s cousin has run into the same problem and said she is just storing them for the next kid.  I guess that’s the best solution. 

I have also been experimenting with naps.  Ethan’s still too young to be on an actual schedule I think, but I try to put him down as soon as he shows signs of not wanting to have have anything with the conscious world.  I’m nervous about him switching his day and night so I wake him up if it’s been more than 3 hours, I think he would sleep all afternoon if I let him!  I can’t decide what to do with him in the evening.  I want him to “go to bed” around 7-8 (since we’ll have to get him up around 7 when I go back to work) but he likes to take a nap around 5:30.  He must be so confused when I force him up only to be put back down again an hour later.  Yesterday he gave me a look when I was giving him his bath, and I knew he was thinking, “You seriously got me up for this?!”  So far we have been blessed with a good nighttime sleeper, I hope it lasts!  He typically will go for a 5 hour stretch followed by two 3 hour stretches.  Last night, though, he went 7 hours then another 4.  I could live with that!

Ethan and I visited his daycare yesterday.  I hadn’t been there since I was preggers and I wanted to check it out again before he goes at the end of the month.  I am still conflicted about the situation, but I feel this is the best solution we could hope for since I can’t afford to stay home full time.  I just hope he doesn’t walk for the first time while he’s there.  Maybe I’ll just tell the staff not to tell me if it happens and think he’s walking for the first time at home. :)  The teachers are very sweet and you can tell they really care for the babies.  I know he will be well taken care of, I just have to let my control issues go!  There was a baby girl who was playing when I got there and she wouldn’t stop grinning at Ethan.  What a flirt!!  It will be cute to see these kids grow up together, maybe his future best friend will be one of his classmates! 


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It’s too bad I don’t have a Baboo to tend to since it’s 2:15 AM and I’m awake!  I don’t even know exactly why I can’t go back to sleep, but alas, after trying for quite awhile, I figured I’d just get up and wander in the wonder of the worldwide web.   In any case, I’m thankful that I’m not being kept up by any kind of crazy intra-uterine movement or pain.  Baboo continues to be a very considerate being in the pain-inducing department.  Hope he keeps it up.

I recently came to the conclusion that perhaps I have experienced his hiccups after all, however.  I had been really bummed that I was missing out on such an experience but then suddenly realized that perhaps the occasions where I thought he’d been very disciplined in his rhythmic kicking might actually have been TOO consistent to be kicks.  I mean, maybe he’s already so diligent in his soccer practice that one can set his kicks to a metronome, but my guess is that these occasional sets of constant and consistent motion are actually hiccups.  I wish there were a contraption to allow others to experience the same sensations– seriously, every time Seth tries to feel movement, there’s nothing. Over Thanksgiving, my brother took to poking at my belly and saying, “DO SOMETHING!”

Yeah, that’s pretty much all I know. 

Kinda boring, but an update nonetheless

December 10, 2007
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I had the first of my now-weekly doctor’s appointments this morning.   (I’m sure my OB is thrilled to have me be the first smiling face he sees on this and the next 2 Monday mornings!!)  All appears to be fine- some indications of moving in the right direction towards actually birthin’ this  baby, but nothing too exciting.   I told him conversationally that we’d love for this kid to come in December and then I immediately felt bad because I didn’t want him to think I’m one of those psychos who either a) thinks she has control or b) demands for something to be done to make it happen.  Hopefully, it’ll all come to pass in good timing on its own!

We drove to Alexandria, VA yesterday to visit some friends and then see another friend perform in FBC Alexandria’s “Living Christmas Tree” presentation.  I should clarify that I performed the role of chauffeur (chauffeuse?) in this adventure since Seth wanted to multitask by sitting in the back installing the car seat.  He doesn’t quite have it secure enough yet but at least it’s on its way to being ready to go.  Seth also worked really hard Saturday evening to get all the trim painted in Baboo’s room.  We still have to stain the rocking chair, hang assorted things on the wall, and wash all the bedding and clothes but at least we’re making progress!

A Snow Summary in Pictures

December 6, 2007
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As my local readership knows, the snow fell all throughout the day yesterday, leading to a cancellation of after-school activities which thankfully included multicultural class:


Seth did not get home as early as I thought he would, however, because he stayed after school for a couple of hours to set up all kinds of scientific things for a lab scheduled to take place in AP Bio today and tomorrow.   Unfortunately for the lab (but great for Seth’s sleep), the cold temperatures combined with the snow to result in a 2-hour delay of school this morning:


Since Seth usually leaves the house at 6 AM, this was the first time he’s seen daylight in quite awhile!  (He made a funny face while I took his picture scraping his truck, though, so I had to crop him mostly out!!)   Of course, because of the school delay, they’re probably not going to be able to do the lab that he spent all the time setting up, but let’s concentrate on the positives:  more sleep and less school!

Now, we were on the verge last night of just being completely lazy with new Netflix TV episodes (me) and playing Spider Solitaire and/or napping (him)….but we stared laziness in the face and went to work!  So especially for my mother–as well as anyone who knows what Emily closets can look like–check out the new and improved closet in Baboo’s room:


Yay for snow…even in paltry amounts!

Preparations, etc

December 5, 2007
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We are happy to report that we can go ahead and have this baby since we now have the infant car seat!  I think Seth was getting kinda nervous about not having it so, thankfully, it was in stock this week at Babies-R-Us and I drove down and scooped it up.  So at least we can legally leave the hospital with Baboo whenever it is he chooses to arrive.

Speaking of the hospital, we’re almost done with all our classes!  As of now, we’ve done 4 out of 5 sessions of Prepared Childbirth, 1 of 2 Infant Care, and I went to a 1-session Breastfeeding class.  We found out last night that the second half of the 5th Childbirth class goes over the same material we learned in last night’s Infant Care class so whoo-hoo!  Early dismissal!

Speaking of early dismissal, Seth is fervently hoping that the snow forecast for today turns into something interesting enough to have all after-school activities cancelled!  Wednesdays are his day to suffer through Multicultural class from 4:30-7:30 pm and he would explode with happiness if they had to cancel it due to weather!  So everyone think happy thoughts today!  I’m not sure how many more classes he can take of what he perceives as therapy for half the class.  I can just picture Seth sitting there each week, silently stewing as yet another person starts talking about his own issues.  Apparently, there are 2 people in particular that Seth times with a stopwatch when they start talking– at least he’s making it somewhat entertaining!

And speaking of entertaining, we had lots of fun this past Saturday.  (I was hoping to nab some pictures from someone who had a camera so I could post them, but I’m not sure how long that’ll take!)  The real excitement was the annual Science Department party in the evening which turned into a baby shower for us, as well!  The teachers were incredibly generous and it was fun to see Seth get into opening the baby gifts!  Since there are 2 other teachers who are also pregnant, the party atmosphere was a bit more muted this year, but I think plenty of the other guests were still excited when the AP Chem teacher and her famed jello shooters showed up around 10:30 pm!  :-)

On the other end of the party spectrum, I drove into DC earlier on Saturday to attend the 2nd annual Cookie Exchange hosted by the Baylor Women’s Council DC Alumnae group.  While my cookies sadly won no prizes, I was greatly cheered by the fact that no fewer than 3 people came up to me and commented on my (Best-Tasting Award-Winning) cookies from last year!!   Kinda takes the sting out of LOSING this year!!  Of course, I ended up with many extra cookies which now call to me from their place on the counter every time I go upstairs.  It’s not good.

Arbor Day

December 3, 2007
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I’m generally against pics that don’t have people in them but I figured that since I had mentioned the tree decorating, I should post proof of its completed glory.  Seth did a great job picking out a robust tree…so robust that it’s threatening to take over our living room!!  (Just kidding– it’s PERFECT!)   Thanks to the wizardry of camera flashes, this picture came out looking way different than it did in real life at the time.  While you can’t appreciate the twinkly glow of the lights (or the holiday music that was playing in the background) you can determine the major theme of our ornaments.  Sheils started a star collection for us when we got married and has done so well in her collection-pursuit that we reached an ornamental saturation point last night and still had a box of probably 25 unique star ornaments left.   You probably can’t tell from the picture, but the other categories that make the ornament list are probably not surprising:  pigs, bears, and strawberries (you know what they say– Zeta is forever). 

A Little Christmas Spirit

December 2, 2007
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Seth came home after Indoor Track practice yesterday with a beautiful tree purchased from a tree lot that the Science department chair runs during the holiday season.  We finally got down to the business of hauling out all the Christmas decorations this afternoon that get used so infrequently since we’re always gone over the holidays.  As he was working on getting the lights on the tree, I decided I’d do my best supervising from the couch.  The next thing I knew, all the spindly-legged Santas had joined me.  In case you’re unaware, my favorite decorations of any kind are those with long, skinny legs.  They just make me giggle.  What also makes me giggle?  Seth demonstrating the “Army of Santas” doing a kickline!  :-)


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