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December 5, 2007
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We are happy to report that we can go ahead and have this baby since we now have the infant car seat!  I think Seth was getting kinda nervous about not having it so, thankfully, it was in stock this week at Babies-R-Us and I drove down and scooped it up.  So at least we can legally leave the hospital with Baboo whenever it is he chooses to arrive.

Speaking of the hospital, we’re almost done with all our classes!  As of now, we’ve done 4 out of 5 sessions of Prepared Childbirth, 1 of 2 Infant Care, and I went to a 1-session Breastfeeding class.  We found out last night that the second half of the 5th Childbirth class goes over the same material we learned in last night’s Infant Care class so whoo-hoo!  Early dismissal!

Speaking of early dismissal, Seth is fervently hoping that the snow forecast for today turns into something interesting enough to have all after-school activities cancelled!  Wednesdays are his day to suffer through Multicultural class from 4:30-7:30 pm and he would explode with happiness if they had to cancel it due to weather!  So everyone think happy thoughts today!  I’m not sure how many more classes he can take of what he perceives as therapy for half the class.  I can just picture Seth sitting there each week, silently stewing as yet another person starts talking about his own issues.  Apparently, there are 2 people in particular that Seth times with a stopwatch when they start talking– at least he’s making it somewhat entertaining!

And speaking of entertaining, we had lots of fun this past Saturday.  (I was hoping to nab some pictures from someone who had a camera so I could post them, but I’m not sure how long that’ll take!)  The real excitement was the annual Science Department party in the evening which turned into a baby shower for us, as well!  The teachers were incredibly generous and it was fun to see Seth get into opening the baby gifts!  Since there are 2 other teachers who are also pregnant, the party atmosphere was a bit more muted this year, but I think plenty of the other guests were still excited when the AP Chem teacher and her famed jello shooters showed up around 10:30 pm!  :-)

On the other end of the party spectrum, I drove into DC earlier on Saturday to attend the 2nd annual Cookie Exchange hosted by the Baylor Women’s Council DC Alumnae group.  While my cookies sadly won no prizes, I was greatly cheered by the fact that no fewer than 3 people came up to me and commented on my (Best-Tasting Award-Winning) cookies from last year!!   Kinda takes the sting out of LOSING this year!!  Of course, I ended up with many extra cookies which now call to me from their place on the counter every time I go upstairs.  It’s not good.

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