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Which Hurts More: Calf Cramps or Labor? Discuss.

December 21, 2007
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Around 4:30 this morning, I awoke to feel a calf cramp taking over my left leg.  I guess I should feel lucky that this hasn’t happened in quite awhile, but I do wonder what it is about that leg in particular that enjoys cramping up.   In any case, I started squawking and hitting Seth and he dutifully (but lovingly!) rubbed it for me until it felt better.  While this pain was going on (and I was forgetting to breathe or relax), I commented that I sure hoped being all crazily akimbo in the labor room wasn’t going to cause me to have more calf cramps.  He responded that I probably wouldn’t notice….since you know, I’d be experiencing some other cramping/contractions.  Um, are they going to feel like my leg did?  Because that is no good.  For some reason, I feel like cramping in the extremities is somehow much worse than midsection cramping.  I remember occasionally getting foot cramps during swim practice and how much that hurt.  Man, maybe I should start getting nervous about labor after all. 

Nah!  The most bizarre thing about this whole experience is that I–surely one of the most easily taken by nonsense worries let alone actual ones–remain pretty calm about what is up ahead.  We are so excited!  Today is the last day of work for both of us before starting vacation (well, and an extended leave for me!) and I have to say that we’re ready to get this show on the road!  It’s weird to have an expanse of time with absolutely nothing planned except for the one thing that you’d really like to happen and have absolutely no control over its timing.  We do plan to take many of you up on your suggestions to enjoy as many movies and dinners out as we can during this time…but still!!  Bring on the Baboo!

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