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January 2008
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This Waiting has Whittled my Wit

January 2, 2008
Filed under: Baby Kenton, Blog — emkenton @ 4:16 pm

Seriously, I have nothing interesting to say.  Now, some of you might wonder why I would still set out to write a blog entry if I have nothing to say.  And those of you would probably be correct, but I’m going to stumble ahead anyway.

Seth abandoned me to return to school today.  He’s mean like that.   So I’ve been forced to avoid doing any kind of work all by myself.  Christmas ornaments are still strewn around the living room.   I’m just not motivated to put them away!  I’m bored enough that I keep checking my work email even though I’m on leave already.  I have a real problem. 

Last night, I got really hungry for a Big Mac.  I don’t think I’ve ordered a Big Mac in years and years.  I managed to convince myself that it was more sensible to eat the pork chops, sweet potatoes, and green beans that we had planned for and that I could reward myself today with a cheeseburger happy meal for far less health damange. So I did and it disappeared way too quickly.  Perhaps I should’ve gotten a supersized Big Mac meal after all.  I mean, this kid has already ganged up against my pursuit not to gain too much weight by taking his sweet time to come out.  Speaking of which, Seth keeps telling him to “swim towards the light” although he never actually holds up the flashlight in order for Baboo to make any sense of that statement.  Hopefully, the little one will start to listen to his father soon or we’re in for some rough times.

At our appointment on Monday (where things seem to be progressing as they should, just not at a supersonic pace), the doctor commented as he walked in on how I was “still smiling.”   I can’t help it.  It’s just the way I am.  But I might have to stop smiling here pretty soon if things don’t get started!  :-)

Yeah, that’s all I’ve got.  Seth just called and is on his way home.  Apparently it is too cold to have track practice outside for more than 90 minutes or so.  Now, if we only could get some snow!  I’m convinced that Baboo hasn’t been born yet because he’s still waiting for winter…

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