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S’mores Yesterday and Prayers Today

January 11, 2008
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My mother’s visit continued to be full o’ fun with Day 2!!  We went walking in the morning and then got dressed and ready to meet Christy for lunch at Cosi.  After we gobbled our sandwiches and salads, we realized it would probably be polite to buy dessert so we could hang out some more at our table in the quickly-filling restaurant.  So I went to the counter with the intent of buying a chocolate chip cookie but then discovered that you CAN actually get S’mores at lunch (I thought it was only at dinner for some reason), so how could I resist?   It was a little tricky figuring how to make “S’mores for 2″ work for 3 people but we managed to figure it out.

100_0303.jpg  (yes, I think I’m starting to get jowls.  Perhaps I should lay off things like….s’mores?)

After lunch, Sheils and I motored on to Arundel Mills Mall where, after getting caught up in buying out the entire Bass store for post-pregnancy transition clothes (60% off most everything–HELLO!!??), we did lots of walking.  Came home, ate leftovers, played Skip-Bo, watched TV since there were actually new episodes, and then crashed.  A good day.

Now that yesterday has been recapped, let’s move to today.  As some of you know, my college roommate/maid of honor, Lindsay, is undergoing an excision today for her second occurrence of melanoma.  Thankfully, it is an outpatient procedure and the doctors are confident that no further treatment will be necessary.  Lindsay and her husband, Jason, remain steadfast in their faith and trust that God is in control but if you are the praying type, they certainly would appreciate your prayers today and beyond as they await results of the procedure.  You can learn more about Lindsay’s story at

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