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January 2008
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Quick Post

January 13, 2008
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I’ve gotten emails this morning from each of our fathers saying they think today is the day.  In that case, it’s good that Grammie brought little Baboo his own bag so he’s ready to go.  Seth models it here….it’s a bit small for his shoulders!


Saturday Recap

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When I was at my last doctor’s appointment, I asked the doctor if I should do jumping jacks.  He suggested that I “just watch the games.”  I really think I’ve watched more football games on TV in the last week or two than I ever have before.  And it’s actually been kinda fun!  I think Seth gets annoyed with me because, even though I can remember minute details of the personal lives of others, I can’t get all the positions straight.  I’m working on it, though.   Anyway, I generally root for the underdog and really wanted the Jaguars to win (sorry, Big D and Kathy).  Apparently I have about as much pull with them as I do with Baboo so I’m sorry that your season is over, Uncle Fred and Aunt Sylvia.

We received a fabulous present the other day from Seth’s brother, Matthew: SIX kinds of cheese (plus a beef stick!) from his recent trip to Wisconsin!  The Green Bay game put us in the mood to eat some of that so we ended up having nachos for dinner made with a mix of the Colby and the “Mousehouse Jack.”  Mmm….nachos.   And we tossed my preference for homemade treats aside and made Seth a yellow box cake for snacking.  As Sheils pointed out, “cake mixes are SO much better than they used to be.”  I must admit that the golden fluffiness was pretty darn good.

I bet you all now wish Baboo would show up as much as we do so you can stop hearing about food and football!!  :-)

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