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April 8, 2007
Filed under: Baby Dunbar, Blog — Kerry @ 3:13 pm

I started making a list of things we need to buy the baby.  It’s long. I also started looking in the rooms, closets, and cabinets in our home to figure out where all this baby stuff is going to go.  This led to waking up at 5 am for a brief fit of cleaning frenzy, where I cleaned out a couple of cabinets and closets, generating some bags for the Salvation army and some bags of things to be put out with the trash.

As far as big things the baby needs, we’re making some progress.  We’ve had our first trip to Babies R Us, which was interesting, to say the least.  The whole visit had a kind of Twilight Zone/X-files feel to it.  So much baby stuff and so many pregnant women.  Most of the women trailed by a guy holding the ‘Baby Bargains’ book, trying to figure out which of the 50 car seats is the right one to buy.  Sometimes, there would be a mini-traffic jam at a particular item, like the rocker/gliders, with each person sitting in them and referring to the book for recommendations. 

So far, we’ve ordered an ‘Arms Reach CoSleeper’online  and purchased a crib from Great Beginnings, an enormous baby superstore in
Gaithersburg.  It’s a great store and if you ever need baby or kid furniture, is worth a look.  They have all kinds of tiny tables and chairs, cute kids clocks, in addition to nice furniture and an impressive supply of boppy pillows, cribs and all the normal baby stuff.  We also got a crib mattress (not sure why this isn’t included with the crib) and are getting a rocker glider.  We also now have more cute baby clothes thanks to my parents, Aunt Anne and Uncle Sam, and Scott and Carlie.  Tiny D will now be a stylin’ dude in his onesies and socks.   We’re now registered at Target and Babies R Us.

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