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A different kind of classes

May 13, 2007
Filed under: Baby Dunbar, Blog — Kerry @ 5:15 pm

Travis and I have been going to class together.  Unlike college, med school, and grad school classes, ‘peparing for baby’classes are more fun, easier, but a bit scarier.  The whole childbirth/babycare/parenting thing is new and a little anxiety-provoking.  The classes have been helpful in helping us plan and giving us a more realistic idea of what having a baby is going to be like.

We started childbirth classes – the first one is ‘Prepared Childbirth’, which entails learning about labor and delivery, the stages of labor, and breathing and relaxation exercises.  Travis saw a birth for the first time and I think he has a more realistic idea of what labor is like, and what his role will be.  Having neglected to read the instructions carefully, we were the only couple there without 2 pillows and a blanket to sit on.  Fortunately, I have a cardigan and someone loaned us a pillow for the floor exercises.  It was like showing up to math class with no paper and pencil.  We were more prepared for week 2, and got to practice more breathing exercises.  The class only allowed a 30 minute lunch break and we were told to bring food as there wouldn’t be enough time to go out and buy anything.  Hard core baby education.

I started infant care class last week and took copious notes, as Travis was away.  I was the only attendee without a husband or birth partner.  Some people even brought their moms to class.  The class was great and had lots of good detail about care and feeding of newborns, starting with what a newborn baby looks like (good to know if you’ve never seen a newborn, who looks like they’re covered in cream cheese and strawberry jelly, with funny shaped head, swollen eyes, blue hands and screaming - the cuteness comes later).  I know a lot more about baby food now thanks to class, and managed to keep from telling everyone there how gross baby food actually tastes.  Travis is joining me this next week for class.

Believe it or not, med school didn’t teach me that much about babies.  I learned how to deliver babies and about the 9 million things that can go wrong, hurting mom and baby. Fortunately, all these things are rare.  I also learned how to examine a newborn and check its reflexes and how to make it stop crying for the exam (put a gloved finger in baby’s mouth and they’ll suck and stop crying- much easier to hear the heart without the crying). But pretty much nothing of practical use for actual care of a baby, hence the classes at HoCo.    

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  1. our third time around we did this exercise (maybe you’ll get it) where the dads had to go over what to do if the baby decided to be a total hollywood cliché and be born in the car on the way to the hospital. it was a scream! half a dozen guys blowing off nervous energy by making outrageous jokes with this piece of 4-inch duct work (it was originally intended to be a sort of galvanized steel birth canal, but we were creative). meanwhile, across the room, the moms were having this dead serious discussion about the relative merits of breast feeding and bottle feeding. the contrast between the two groups just made the dads laugh harder. like i said, we were pretty nervous about the prospect of actually having to deliver a baby. and what it might do to the upholstery in the car!

    Comment by brouwman — May 15, 2007 @ 1:11 pm

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