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May 24, 2007
Filed under: Baby Dunbar, Blog — Kerry @ 9:09 pm

I’m at 35 weeks and now will have weekly OB appointments.  Apparently, I’m at the point where they wouldn’t try to ‘stop’ my labor if it started.  Wow, this makes Genghis’s arrival seem even more real.  The type A part of me wants to know exactly when he’s arriving, so I can make sure I’ve completed my ToDo list before the big day.  But I also know that this is not a realistic expectation, so I’ll just have to chill out and wait. 

I still seem bigger every day.  I can’t see my feet and have clothing issues.  I got one last wearing of my pregnancy business suit this week but I don’t think I’ll be fitting into it again.  I can’t see my feet and had to get some assistance for footcare (toenail clipping and painting) as it’s hard to get to them consistently without getting really out of breath.  I’ve never been flexible, but now that I have jumbo-baby in between my hands and feet, I can manage to get them clean in the shower but that’s pretty much it.  My Braxton-Hicks ‘practice’ contractions are getting more noticeable.  Still nothing to stop my day, but my uterus is definitely more powerful than before. 

TinyD is also getting beefier – when he wiggles, he can get in some pretty strong shots to my liver, bladder, and other organs.  He also changes positions, which makes me look like I have a square abdomen on one side.  I assume this is from his tiny butt, but who knows.  He’s clearly been headbutting my bladder for weeks now.  As big as he seems to be getting, when Travis held up a baby sock to my belly for a size comparison, we realized he’s still a little dude. 

This weekend, Travis and my plans include figuring out what baby stuff we’re missing.  We have a lot of clothes and baby towels, thanks to generous family and friends.  We meet a pediatrician later this week and Travis has made a nice spreadsheet outlining our health insurance options for TinyD. (i.e. add to my policy? Add to Travis’s? Get a family plan through my work?).  My cheapo employer only pays for individual health coverage, so the question becomes quite legit when it may cost of $400 a month out of pocket for health coverage for Travis and Genghis. 

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