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Anybody in there?!

June 27, 2007
Filed under: Baby Sogn — grsogn @ 12:03 pm

The lack of movement Thor has is driving me nuts!  Actually, it’s more lack of feeling.  If I look at him on a sonogram, he is flipping like crazy, but I feel none of it!  My placenta is sitting up front, so he’s just kicking a pillow instead of me for now.  A co-worker of mine had the same issue and she didn’t start feeling anything until 30 weeks!  This is bumming me out because the movement was something I was really looking foreward to.  I also wanted to see feet moving across my belly, but that probably won’t happen.  Oh well…

So I had to but a maternity bathing suit the other day.  One of my friends invited me to her pool, and I had nothing to wear.  I’ve been told to just wear a bikini because the pregnant belly forgives all, but I didn’t think that looked too good.  However, the frilly moo-moo looking top of a maternity suit isn’t that attractive either.  It’s going to be a pretty comical afternoon! 


  1. Yeah, I keep thinking that later this summer, I’ll be daring enough to wear a swimsuit because maybe my belly will distract from my thunder thighs…?? (I haven’t done public swimsuits in YEARS!!) You’ll be beautiful, though!! :-)

    Comment by emkenton — June 28, 2007 @ 11:04 am

  2. One of my high school friends sent me 2 of her maternity swimsuits. I wore one at the beach and it wasn’t too bad. People are very understanding and don’t expect super-stylish swimsuits for the preggers. People will be more interested in asking you when you’re due than noting the frills on your suit. I also considered the bikini route, but was mortified when I tried it on. It looked much smaller with a big belly and mommy-to-be boobs!

    Comment by Kerry — June 28, 2007 @ 11:38 am

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