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Furry Lewis takes a shower

June 28, 2007
Filed under: Baby Dunbar, Blog — Kerry @ 8:41 am

Furry Lewis doing what she does bestFurry Lewis is one of our cats.  2 days ago, we had a huge rainstorm, and she elected to stay outside in the downpour, rather than come inside, like a normal cat.  Never mind that she hates water and being wet.  The sight of Travis holding an open umbrella outside was enough to spook her into running off.  After the storm was over, a very pathetic looking FL showed up at the back door to be let in.  At least I think it was her. Not only was she wet, but also very muddy, so clearly her hiding place of choice was a poor one.  Her day got even worse when we realized that there was no way to just wipe off the mud. So FL got to take a shower with Travis and get a good scrubbing with cat shampoo.  She managed to get in a few good kicks, ninja-style (flipping her back foot over her shoulder to slash him in the chest), but otherwise, both FL and Travis were relatively unscathed by the experience. She also goes into cat quarantine until she’s somewhat dry after a bath/shower, otherwise she makes a beeline for her litter box (think donut with the worst sprinkles ever).  In the end, she looks cleaner now than she has in months

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  1. Wow, that is quite the feline adventure. Calvin will be disappointed he didn’t have as much fun as FL before he gets thrown in the tub. I’m thinking this Sunday afternoon sounds like a fine time for a bath. He’s gotten a bit greasy and I prefer fluffy lavender (j&j baby shampoo). He won’t admit it immediately, but he appreciates a good bath. I think he notices when he gets a bit greasy. As for the gnarly sprinkles, I loathe them. I accidentally bought the red litter instead of the blue this time (speaking of the cap on the tub) and man it tends to stick to the fur like baby powder on a babe’s bottom. Not cool. I’m too cheap to throw it all out and start over, but I’m tired of the frequent cat butt wipes that I find myself enduring and the marks on the floor or furniture if he makes it that far without me noticing. It’s a good thing they are cute (babes and cats I guess).

    Comment by cpine — June 28, 2007 @ 9:08 am

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