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The Picture of Efficiency

July 22, 2007
Filed under: Baby Dunbar, Blog — Kerry @ 12:34 pm

As I sit here typing with one hand (other is occupied by sleepyO), I marvel that one little guy can completely derail two typeA, organized professionals. Everything has changed and things I take for granted, like taking a shower or checking email whenever I want, have gone by the wayside. Travis and I have developed a tag team system for eating, napping, and the feed-change routine we repeat many times a day. Of course, we’ve had huge help from family and friends so far which has been invaluable. We’ll see what happens to the system when T eventually goes back to work…. 

All of this, of course, is totally worth it.  Owen is great and seems to grow and change every day.  He recently has developed a new efficiency for eating (maybe in response to my blog post?).  Mealtime now takes more like 20 minutes instead of 40 minutes and he’s much more relaxed about the whole process (much less Mr. Furious when he’s hungry). 

One bit of advice for others currently growing babies is to get all the stuff done you can before the little dude/dudette arrives.  Don’t wait on nursery furniture assembly, car maintenance, or other projects because they’ll get a lot harder to complete once the newbie arrives. 


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  1. Hmm, faster eating, could be you have three type A’s now. I’m thrilled to hear how wonderful everything is going and am still very much looking forward to meeting MrO. Since Travis has been back to work, I am curious how your routine is going. It’s wonderful that you are enjoying letting things slide a bit in order to spend some quality time with O-man. I mean, who needs a functioning car when you have a cute bundle of joy?? Seriously, I worry that I would ignore my children to do the mundane things like laundry and mopping. Hmm, maybe that’s why I don’t have any…
    And as for the navel stuff, I’m amazed at that whole process. Frankly, it’s weird.
    BTW, you are a role model for all moms with your quick return to shape (and maintained shape during Obaking). And Travis didn’t gain any sympathy weight, way to go Tman. Of course, maybe you need the extra weight because you spend so much time feeding Owen that you need reserves. I like that idea. If I have kids, I’ll build up some reserves just in case.
    Again, good to hear from you and love all the pictures. What a cute clan!

    Comment by cpine — July 26, 2007 @ 9:50 am

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