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Babies, Babies Everywhere

October 18, 2007
Filed under: Baby Kenton, Blog — emkenton @ 7:58 am

It is funny how I spent 5+ years of marriage absolutely unable to consider the prospect of children without at least a minor freakout and then, when it finally seemed doable, found so many other people ready to have kids, too.   My cousin and his wife introduced Kinsley Meredith yesterday and the day before that, Addison Grace arrived thanks to one of the daughters of my dad’s lifelong best friend.  Another of the daughters is set to give birth any day now, too!  And I also met the newest baby Owen, 2-week old son of my dear grad-school friend Katie, yesterday.  So many babies!

Many of you may know that my favorite kind of story (literary or cinematic) is a coming-of-age one.  I’m always the one fascinated with the idea of what we’re all going to be like when we’re older and who will still be friends with whom, etc.  So of course, I’m wondering which of these babies will become Baboo’s friends!!  Which then leads me to all kinds of worries about how we’re going to make sure that Baboo is kind, gentle, witty, intelligent…..and the list goes on!!  :-)  Okay, enough worries for the day.

Not much else going on here.  Seth doesn’t have school tomorrow because it’s the state teachers’ convention (which no one goes to but they get the day off for it) so he’s looking forward to that.  They will still have football practice and games this weekend, though.  This game against Quince Orchard should be the first really big challenge for the Varsity Stormin’ Warriors who are currently 6-0, and I know it’ll be a tough one for Seth’s team to win, as well.  Should be interesting!

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