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Almost 33 Week Update

November 13, 2007
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Yesterday was a Baboo-focused day.  I had a doctor’s appointment in the morning that went just fine.  I am very proud of myself that I can still sit myself up after lying down on the table– the doctor always reaches over to help me and I’m like, “Look, I still have some stomach muscles, buddy!”  :-)   With all the growth and movement on Baboo’s part lately, however, I imagine the next time I’ll be stranded until I receive some aid!  In any case, I tried to be charming with the comment, “I’m so glad I passed my Glucose Tolerance Test so I can eat pie for Thanksgiving!” and ended up getting a mini-lesson on how it’s still important to keep sugar intake low so as not to grow an oversized baby.  Um, yeah- but I’ll still be eating PIE!!  Maybe even three kinds!!!

Then last night, we attended the first of 5 Prepared Childbirth classes.  There were 11 couples in the class, and actually, I think our due date of Jan 4th was the second soonest after somone due on New Year’s Day.  So a totally different group than the crazies on the hospital tour.  The evening was relatively uneventful–I’ve read so many books that there wasn’t any earth-shattering learning–but we’re happy to see that the group will be entertaining in its own way.  Lots of nervous laughter, especially on the parts of the men, during various conversations and demonstrations.   I kinda felt like I was with a bunch of middle-schoolers.  But people seemed nice in general and I’m still holding out for making some new friends!

And in other news (but still kinda related to Baboo and his future baby bottles), we’re getting a new dishwasher installed today!  Hooray!! 

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