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Travels 1/19/07

January 22, 2007
Filed under: Baby Dunbar, Blog — Kerry @ 2:29 pm

I’m making good use of my pregnancy business suit. I wore it in San Diego for a GI meeting and now am in Germany. I have very nice hosts that I’ll be working with here. They picked me up at the airport, I have a cell phone that works in Germany (no thanks to Sprint in the US), and an apartment to live in for 2 weeks. They also took me on a walking tour of the city (Mainz), to lunch, and to a grocery store.

Translation of the menu at lunch was very helpful, as it was only in German. I can recognize some words from other languages (gnocchi, bruschetta) but clearly need to learn the German words for chicken, shrimp, beef, etc. I had a nice shrimp curry and some chocolate crepes for dessert.

It was also great to have tour guides for the grocery store. Everyone pays cash at the store, credit cards are only used in restaurants and some shops. The produce selection was great, but more expensive than the US. They also had some fruit that I couldn’t identify, and items that aren’t available in the regular grocery stores in the US (have never seen lychee fruit at the Superfly). Milk also comes in a box and sits at room temperature, because it’s ultrapasteurized. TinyD healthy seems to like it ok, and now the boxi is in my mini-fridge. Eggs also sit on the shelf at room temperature, but include a date of arrival, expiration date, refrigeration instuctions, and some sort of quality stamp on each individual egg. The best part of the grocery store is the nice selection of chocolate. I managed to restrain myself, so only have one large-sized bar of dark chocolate.

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