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Naples = worst city in Italy

February 21, 2007
Filed under: Baby Dunbar, Blog — Kerry @ 3:55 pm

It’s dirty, with trash everywhere. There are also stray dogs and a lot of dog feces on all the sidewalks.  There’s a lot of graffiti in Italy (like in Rome) but there’s so much in Naples that it obscures helpful things, like street signs, and the maps they put up for tourists.  People also drive on the sidewalk and drive more quickly than in Rome, despite the fact that it was raining and there were people everywhere.  There are also many absent street signs which is not helpful when you’re trying to go see something.  They also have problems with street gangs, pickpockets, etc to the point where hotels lie about their location or proclaim ‘safety’ on their website.  How often have you seen a Hilton or Holiday Inn advertise that it’s ‘safe’?  Apparently, ‘in the historic district’ means ‘right by the seedy train station where people loiter and commit crime and there’s lots of construction and noise’.


Good things about Naples:

1.  They have nice pizza

2.  Our hotel was nice – the Hotel Toledo in the Spanish Quarter. Not by the scary train station.

3.  It’s near Herculaneum - similar to Pompeii, but better preserved and less crowded. 

4.  The National Museum of Archeology – Very nice mosaics and relics from Pompeii and Herculaneum.  Lots of statues, frescoes, and musical instruments from some of the temples which were buried by Vesuvius.  The museum also contains the ‘Secret Room’ which contains all the erotic art of Pompeii.  Apparently, gigantic penises were a typical garden decoration, and all kinds of shocking frescoes were painted on the walls of homes regularly.  Oil lamps of giant penises with wings, with a little penis attached, and bells hanging off were also found in many homes.  Very realistic statues depicting a variety of …. interesting…. situations were also present.  I’d go into detail, but I think it’s best you just see it for yourself. 

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